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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A case study of urban wastewater balancing to study wastewater pollution loads and groundwater pollution in the city of Nablus-East (Palestine)Shaheen, Osama Hafez Qadri
2013A case study of urban water balancing in the partly sewered city of Nablus-East (Palestine) to study wastewater pollution loads and groundwater pollutionBorst, Barbara; Mahmoud, Nidal; Steen, Peter van der; Lens, Piet N. L.
Jun-2004Case-writing as border-crossing : describing, explaining and promoting teacher changeHashweh, Maher
1937Cases on international lawScott, James Brown, 1866-1943 ; Jaeger, Walter H. E. 
1912Castles of England and WalesEvans, Herbert Arthur,1846-1923
1881The cat : an introduction to the study of backboned animals especially mammalsMivart, St. George Jackson, 1827-1900
2007Cat3: A New Bioinformatics Tool for Prediction of Caspase -3 Substrate Cleavage SiteAyyash, Muneef
1890Catacombs of Rome : and their testimony relative to primitive ChristianityWithrow, W. H. (William Henry), 1839-1908
1932Catalogue general du Musee arabe du Caire. Steles funerairesPauty, comp
1996Catalytic activities of the antitumour complex bis(acetato)bis(imidazole)copper(II) and bis(valproato)bis(imidazole)copper(II) for the oxidation of organic substratesAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif
2006Cattle pastoralists in a multicultural setting : the C-group people in Lower Nubia 2500-1500 BCEHafsaas-Tsakos, Henriette
2004Causes of drinking water contamination in rain fed cisterns in three villages in Ramallah and Al-Bireh District in PalestineKhatib, Issam; Orabi, M.
Jul-2015Cell envelope virulence genes among field strains of brucella melitensis isolated in West Bank part of PalestineAwwad, Elena; Adwan, Kamel; Farraj, Mohammad; Essawi, Tamer; Rumi, Issa; Manasra, Assad; Baraitareanu, Stelian; Gurau, Maria Rodica; Danes, Doina
2013Cellular and organismal toxicity of the anti-cancer small molecule, tolfenamic acid: a pre-clinical evaluation.Sankpal, Umesh T.; Lee, Chris M.; Connelly, Sarah F.; Kayaleh, Omer; Eslin, Don; Sutphin, Robert; Goodison, Steven; Adwan, Lina; Zawia, Nasser H.; Lichtenberger, Lenard M.; Basha, Riyaz
2015The centrality of the English textbooks in the Palestinian secondary public schools and its impact on the English teachersAbu Younes, Ibaa
2-May-2015Centralized main wastewater treatment plant, BZU WWTP, [video]Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
2015Centre of mass motion and the Mott transition in light nucleiAbdel Rahman, Areej; Staty, Mahmoud; Giacaman, Henry
2015Centrifugal acceleration at high altitudes above the polar cap: A Monte Carlo simulationAbu Dayyeh, Hamza; Barghouthi, Imad; Slapak, Rikard; Nilsson, Hans
1925A century of excavation in PalestineMacalister, Robert Alexandar Stewart, 1870-1950
Jan-2010Ceramide Synthases: Roles in Cell Physiology and SignalingStiban, Johnny; Futerman, Tony