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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1900Wild flowers from PalestineGreene, Harvey B. (Harvey Bartlett), 1864-1949
Jan-2017Wild wheat to productive drylands: global scientific practice and the agroecological remaking of PalestineTesdell, Omar
27-Nov-2017Will cutting-edge technologies enhance wastewater management services? a Palestinian experienceAl-Sa'ed, Rashed
1932Williams' Law and practice in bankruptcyWilliams, Roland L. Vaughan (Roland Lomax Vaughan), 1838-1916 ; Stable, Wintringham Norton ; Blagden, John Basil, 1901- 
2003Willingness of farmers to pay for reclaimed wastewater in Jordan and Tunisia.Abu Madi, Maher; Braadbaart, O.; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Alaerts, G.
1992Wind energy in the West BankAkel, Afif
1997Wind energy potential in PalestineShabaneh, Rateb; Akel, Afif
2011WinSEND: Windows SEcure neighbor discoveryAl-Sa’deh, Ahmad; Rafiee, Hosnieh
1838A winter's journey (TATAR) from Constantinople to Tehran ; with travels through various parts of PersiaFraser, James Baillie
1914With the Russian pilgrims to JerusalemGraham, Stephen, 1884-1975
2007Withaferin a strongly elicits I kappa B kinase beta Hyperphosphorylation concomitant with potent inhibition of its kinase activityEssawi, Tamer; Haegeman, Guy
1880Woman's work and worth in girlhood , Maidenhood , and wifehoodAdams, W. H. Davenport (William Henry Davenport), 1828-1891 
1998Women & work in Palestine : a briefing on the situation of women in the employment sector in preparation for the international labor organization mission "more and better jobs for women"Vitullo, Anita
1984Women and development in occupied PalestineGiacaman, Rita
1996Women and men in the informal sector in the West Bank Palestine : home-based workers in the textile industryHindiyeh, Suha; Odeh, Suheir
1994Women and the informal economy in Palestine : a feminist critiqueAbdo, Nahla
1998Women and work in Palestine : a briefing on the situation of women in the employment sector in preparation for the ILO missionVitullo, Anita
2016Women entrepreneurship working in a conflict region: the case of PalestineSultan, Suhail
2010Women in labour and midwives during Israeli assault on Gaza Strip: between bullets and labour painsHassan, Sahar
1997Women in politics, Palestinian women : a status reportBirzeit University. Women's Studies Program