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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Women's needs and land-use planning : tha case of Tulkarem, PalestineGazal, Mervat
2002Women's Perceptions of Health and Illness in the Context of National Struggle in the Old City of Nablus, PalestineGiacaman, Rita
Jan-2016Women's specific needs and urban planning practices in the Middle East case of PalestineAl-Bishawi, Manal
1980Women, Islam and NGOsJad, Islah
2015Women’s behaviour in public spaces and the influence of privacy as a cultural value: The case of Nablus, PalestineAl Bishawi, Manal; Ghadban, Shadi; Jorgensen, Karsten
2003Women’s empowerment : between theory and practice at the international and local levelsTaraki, Lisa
2016Women’s health in the Occupied Palestinian territory: the prevalence of reported anemia and its determinants among 15-24 years old Palestinian womenShiraz, Nasr
2016Women’s health in theoccupied Palestinian territory: Health problems reported by 15-54 years old women two weeks preceding the Family Health SurveyGhandour, Rula
2002Women’s Informal Employment in Palestine: Securing a Livelihood against All OddsKuttab, Eileen
1996Women’s movement in PalestineKuttab, Eileen
2006Women’s Participation in Economic ActivityAbu Nahleh, Lamis
2005Women’s Role in the Survival and Development of Family and National Cause of Palestinians after the ExodusNasser, Randa
1997The Women’s Studies Program in Palestine : between criticism and new visionKuttab, Eileen
Oct-2012Workers' safety in the construction industry in the southern West Bank of PalestineKhatib, Issam
1995Working papers : gender and society (Contemporary feminist scholarship and Middle East studies, Commentary : feminist scholarship and the literature in Palestinian women, Commentary : feminist scholarship and theresearch on Palestinian society)Birzeit University. Institute of Women's Studies
1865The works of Flavius JosephusWhiston, William
1909The world as will and ideaSchopenhauer, Arthur ,1788-1860
1943World wars and revolutions : the course of Europe since 1900Hall, Walter Phelps, 1884-1962 
2018Writing/righting Palestine studies: settler colonialism, indigenous sovereignty and resisting the ghost(s) of historyBarakat, Rana 
1908Xenophon's Hellenica : selectionsBrownson, Carleton Lewis, 1866-