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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Bridging the domestic supply water demand gap in Gaza Strip - PalestineMimi, Ziad; Aliewi, Amjad; AL Yaqubi, Ahmad
2014British framing of the frontier in Palestine, 1918-1923 : revisiting colonial sources on tribal insurrection, land tenure, and the Arab intelligentsiaFakher Eldin, Munir 
2018Brownian dynamics simulations of DNA complexation with nano-cationic dendrimersHawamdeh, Doa
Dec-2004Brucellosis in the West Bank, PalestineHusseini, Abdullatif; Ramlawi, As’ad M.
1992Budget analysis of the Palestinian familyJabr, Hisham; Sabri, Nidal
2014Building a corpus for Palestinian Arabic : a preliminary studyJarrar, Mustafa; Habash, Nizar; Akra, Diyam Fuad; Zalmout, Nasser
2012Building a high realistic media space by superimposing a remote person’s figure on the local viewNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo
2009Building a participatory national consensus on wastewater reclamation and reuse in PalestineMimi, Ziad; Abu Madi, Maher
Apr-2017Building a research registry for studying birth complications and outcomes in six Palestinian governmental hospitalsHassan, Sahar; Vikanes, Ase; Laine, Katariina; Zimmo, Khaled; Zimmo, Mohammad; Bjertness, Espen; Fosse, Erik
1990“Building an Infrastructure of Resistance: the Case of Health”Giacaman, Rita
13-Nov-2018Building and planning regulations under Israeli colonial power : a critical study from PalestineThawaba, Salem
2019Building and planning regulations under Israeli colonial power: a critical study from PalestineThawaba, Salem 
1989“Building Barricades and Breaking Barriers: Palestinian Women in the Uprising”Giacaman, Rita
2008Building the infrastructure, modeling the nation: the case of birth in PalestineWick, Laura
2017The burden of mental disorders in the Eastern Mediterranean Region , 1990-2013Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen
2010Burkholderia cenocepacia O polysaccharide chain contributes to caspase-1-dependent IL-1β production in macrophagesAbu Khweek, Arwa
1904Business documents of Murashu sons of Nippur dated in the reign of Darius II. (424-404 B. C.)Clay, Albert Tobias, 1866-1925
2012Business process modelling is an essential part of a requirements analysis. Contribution of EFMI primary care workingde Lusignan, Simon; Krause, Paul John; Michalakidis, Georgios; Vicente, M. Tristan; Thompson, S.; McGilchrist, Mark; Sullivan, Frank (Frank M.); Royen, P. van; Agreus, L.; Desombre, T.; Taweel, Adel; Delaney, B.
2014Business survivors : street trading in the West Bank : a case study of Ramallah and Al-Bireh citiesJamal, Anas Osama
1877Byeways in PalestineFinn, James, -1872