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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998A uniÞed framework for evaluating bounds on the Bayesian costKafri, Wasfi; Hashlamoun, Wael
22-Jul-2015Unlocking the labor market for Palestinian womenAl-Botmeh, Samia
2006Unsatisfiability reasoning in ORM conceptual schemesJarrar, Mustafa; Heymans, Stijn
1990An unsettling affairs : housing conditions , tenancy regulations and the coming of the Messiah in the Old City of JerusalemMcNeill, Graham
12-Oct-1997Updates in disjunctive deductive databases : a minimal model based approachYahya, Adnan
2001Updates in disjunctive deductive databases: a minimal model based approachYahya, Adnan
2013Upregulation of polyphenols-related genes prevents ‘skin burning’ by well-colored ‘Cameo’ apples stored under stressful controlled atmosphere conditionsNeuwald, Daniel; Reski, Ralf; Harb, Jamil
Jan-2016Urban acupuncture and the ecological transportation hub, Ramallah, PalestineThawaba, Salem
1-Sep-2017Urban Expansion Effects on Landscape Pattern: The case of Ramallah AreaMuhsen, Mohammad; Abu Hammad, Ahmad
Feb-2009Urban growth of a city under siege : Tulkarm, Palestine over the past centuryThawaba, Salem
2014Urban housing qualities at neighborhoods of Palestinian citiesIbrahim, Asma'
22-Nov-2016URBAN INTERVENTIONS Reshaping The Public Space In PalestineSayrafi, May
2008Urban Modernity on the Periphery: A New Middle Class Reinvents the Palestinian CityTaraki, Lisa
8-Nov-2015Urban planning analyses of refugee camps : Jabalia as case study - Gaza Strip, PalestineBadawy, Usama Ibrahim; Salha, Ra’ed A.; Jawabrah, Muain Qasem; Jarada, Amjad; El-Hawajri, Mohammed A.
2009Urbanism impact on the environment : Ramallah landfill as case studyWahidi, Dima Judeh
2007Urbanization and environment : the nature of the conflict : a study of sustainable urban development in Ramallah and Al_Bireh GovernorateAbu Thaher, Salim M.
2012US foreign policy in the Middle East : what drives it, and how it impacts developments in the regionDabis, Jumana
2006Use of biofilter units to enhance the effluent quality of anaerobically pretreated domestic wastewater.Fuqaha, A.; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
Feb-2017Use of electrospun fiber mats for the remediation of hypersaline geothermal brineCelik, Asli; Koc, Gonca; Erdogan, Emre; Shahwan, Talal; Baba, Alper; Demir, Mustafa M.
Nov-2012Use of evidence to support healthy public policy : a policy effectiveness-feasibility loopBowman, Sarah; Unwin, Nigel; Critchley, Julia; Capewell, Simon; Husseini, Abdullatif; Maziak, Wasim; Zaman, Shahaduz; Ben Romdhane, Habiba; Fouad, Fouad; Phillimore, Peter; Unal, Belgin; Khatib, Rana; Shoaibi, Azza; Ahmad, Balsam