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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2005A survey on weak injectivity and weak projectivitySaleh, Mohammad; Al-Takhman, Khaled; Abdel-Mohsen, Ali
2009Survival and containment strategies of Arab regimes : the cases of Egypt and MoroccoShanaa, Khaled Hassan Sha’ban
1996Survival or development? Towards Integrated and Realistic Population Policies for PalestineGiacaman, Rita
1975Survival strategies of Arabs in IsraelKanaana, Sharif
2006Sustainability assessment of onsite sanitation facilities in Ramallah-Albireh district with emphasis on technical, socio-cultural and financial aspectsAl-Sa'ed, Rashed; Mubarak, Sana'
Oct-2009Sustainability of ancient water supply facilities in JerusalemBarghouth, Jamal; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
22-Jun-2007Sustainability of natural and mechanized aerated ponds for domestic and municipal wastewater treatment in PalestineAl-Sa'ed, Rashed
26-Apr-2004Sustainability of oxidation and mechanized aerated ponds for domestic and municipal wastewater treatment in PalestineAl-Sa'ed, Rashed
Nov-2007Sustainable development and Landscape Capacity for Absorbing Urban Development: A case study from Tulkarem\ PalestineThawaba, Salem
2013Sustainable development of stone and marble sector in PalestineHasan, Afif; Abu Hanieh, Ahmed; Abdelall, Sadiq
2006Sustainable Land-Use Planning Using GISRabayah, Amer
25-Nov-2013Sustainable management of olive mill wastewater in Palestine : challenges and opportunitiesAl-Sa'ed, Rashed
1937Sutton And Shannon on contractsSutton, Ralph, 1881-1960 ; Latter, Arthur Malcolm ; Shannon, N. P. (Norman Pasquilla) ; Pease, J. G. (Joseph Gerald), 1863-1928 
1998Swelling properties of polymers with or without surfactantsShtaya, Hani Naseef
2001Swelling properties of various polymers used in controlled release systemsShtaya, Hani Naseef; Vlachou, Marilena; Efentakis, Manuel; Tarantili, P. A.; Andreopoulos, A. G.
1980A synergistic view of man and universe a psycho-social model of man as an open systemNasru, Fathiya Said
2009Synergy of meropenem and ciproxin against clinical isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii and detection of antibiotic resistant genes for quinolones and carbapenemsIdkeidek, Suzan Khamis
1985A syntactic semantic analysis of object clitics and object pronouns in Ramallah Palestinian dialectAbu Nahleh, Lamis
1992Syntheses and molecular structures of cis and trans monomeric ferrocenecarboxylatocopper(l1) complexes with imidazole derivativesAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif; Woods, Clifton
2012Synthesis , characterization , and biological activity of novel mixed ligand complexes of Zn (II) naproxen with nitrogen based ligandsFares, Hadeel Hassan