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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2010Socioeconomic rights of refugees in times of crisis: the case of Palestinians in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and SyriaKhalil, Asem
2019Socioeconomic, agricultural, and individual factors influencing farmers’ perceptions and willingness of compost production and use: An evidence from Wadi al-Far`a Watershed-Palestine.Al-Madbouh, Suha; Khatib, Issam; Al-Sari, Majed I.; Salahat, Jumana I.; Jararaa, Baraa Y. A.; Ribbe, Lars
1995The Sociolinguistic Patterns of English and Arabic Native SpeakersAbdel Razeq, Anwar
12-Jun-2013Sociologie des mouvements protestataires sociaux palestiniensEl Sakka, Abaher
5-Sep-1990Software Protection: How Much is EnoughYahya, Adnan
2006Soil erosion and soil - moisture conservation under old terracing system in the Palestinian central mountainsAbu Hammad, Ahmad
1994Solar space and domestic water heating for West BankAkel, Afif
2009Solid health care waste management status at health care centers in the West Bank- Palestinian TerritoryKhatib, Issam; C., Sato
Jan-2011Solid medical waste management in healthcare centers in PalestineKhatib, Issam; Abu Dayah, Mohamed; Hajjeh, Hussein; Al-Shanableh, Tayseer
2010Solid waste characterization, quantification and management practices in developing countries : a case study: Nablus district – PalestineKhatib, Issam; Monou, Maria; Abu Zahra, A. S.; Shaheen, H. Q.; Kassinos, D.
2003Solid Waste Management in Emergency: A Case Study from Ramallah and Al-Bireh MunicipalitiesKhatib, Issam
2010Solid waste management: techno-economic assessment of municipal solid waste management in the occupied Palestinian territories.Al Khateeb, Amar J.; Khatib, Issam
2002Solid Waste Policy Making in a System in TransitionMusleh, Reem
2003Solids removal in upflow anaerobic reactorsMahmoud, Nidal; Zeeman, Grietje; Gijzen, Huub; Lettinga, Gatze
1999Some applications of delta-sets to H-closed spacesSaleh, Mohammad
1869Some aspects of the reformationCazenove, John Gibson, 1821-1896
1996Some characterizations of semisimple ringsSaleh, Mohammad
1994Some fatty acids a phase change thermal energy storage materialsAkel, Afif; Sayigh, A. A.
23-Apr-1990Some Problems of Computer Literacy in Developing NationsYahya, Adnan; Abdallah, Abdallah
1936Some problems of the Palestine mandateFeinberg, Nathan, 1895-1988