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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jan-2020Role of Oxidized Gly25, Gly29, and Gly33 Residues on the Interactions of Aβ1-42 with Lipid MembranesFatafta, Hebah ; Poojari, Chetan ; Sayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah ; Strodel, Birgit ; Owen, Michael C 
2010The Role of Partnerships in Water- Related Research in PalestineAl-Sa'ed, Rashed; Mimi, Ziad
2006The Role of the Constitution in the Arab WorldKhalil, Asem
Jul-2012The Role of the Islamic Pious foundations (Waqf) in Building the Old City of Jerusalem during the Islamic Periods (637-1917)Sroor, Musa
9-Apr-2020The Role of the Public Policy Network in Making and Implementing Anti-Corruption Policies in PalestineIriqat, Ismail ; Yehya, Khaireyay Radwhan 
Jul-2017Role of Universities in Enhancing the Competitiveness of Palestinian Agribusiness: Applying Porter’s Diamond ModelSultan, Suhail; Qaimary, Dana
2019Roles of ceramides and other sphingolipids in immune cell function and inflammationAlbeituni, Sabrin ; Stiban, Johnny 
May-2005Roots of stock market volatility and crisis: a synthesis and suggested solutionsSabri, Nidal
1913Roughing itTwain, Mark, 1835-1910
Dec-2020Roughness-induced vehicle energy dissipation from crowdsourced smartphone measurements through random vibration theoryBotshekan, Meshkat ; Roxon, Jacob ; Wanichkul, Athikom ; Chirananthavat, Theemathas ; Chamoun, Joy ; Ziq, Malik ; Anini, Bader ; Daher, Naseem ; Awad, Abdalkarim ; Ghanem, Wasel ; Tootkabon, Mazdak ; Louhghalam, Arghavan ; Ulm, Franz-Josef 
1945Rousseau, Kant, Goethe : two essaysCassirer, Ernst, 1874-1945 ; Gutmann, James, 1897- ; Kristeller, Paul Oskar, 1905-1999 ; Randall, John Herman, 1899-1980 
2005Routines in facility-based maternity care: evidence from the Arab WorldKabakian-Khasholian, Tamar; Khalil, Karima; Sholkamy, Hania; Hassanein, Nevine; Cherine, Mohamed; Elnoury, Amr; Mohsen, Lamia; Breebaart, Miral; Kabakian-Khasholian, Tamar; Shayboub, Rawan; Khayat, Rita; Campbell, Oona M. R.; Osman, Hibah; Mourtada, Rima; Hafez, Raghda; Sinno, Dima; Mikki, Nahed; Wick, Laura; Wick, Livia; Bashour, Hyam; Abdulsalam, Asmaa; Sheikha, Salah
2016Routing in IP/LEO Satellite Communication Systems: Past, Present and FutureHanani, Abualsoud; Hussein, Mohammed
1926Royal inscriptions and fragments from Nippur and BabylonLeon, Legrain 1878-
2010Rule of law and development in PalestineKhalil, Asem
30-Apr-2019Rule of law assistance to the Palestinian Authority : challenges aheadOmar, Karam ; Salem, Jamil ; Khalil, Asem 
2009Rule-based programming of heterogeneous sensor and actor networksAwad, Abdalkarim; Dressler, Falko; Wang, Dongyu; German, Reinhard
2017Runoff estimation in Yatta area watershedsAl-Manasra, Mohammad Hashem
2014Rural development and community participation within joint planning areas : Al-Yaserreyeh case studySwitti, Moayyad Taleb Mahmoud
Apr-2014Rural Development and Community Participation within Joint Planning Areas Al- Yaserreyeh Case Study Rural Development and Community Participation within Joint Planning Areas Al-Yase…Thawaba, Salem