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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Sep-2000Production of biologically stable water through process performance enhancement of Jericho Water Treatment Plant in Palestine.Nawahda, Amin; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
2021Professional development programmes for English language public school teachers: a comparative study in PalestineKhaldi, Mousa M. M. ; Nassar, Silvia 
2015Profiling of primary metabolites and flavonols in leaves of two table grape varieties collected from semiarid and temperate regionsHarb, Jamil; Alseekh, Saleh; Tohge, Takayuki; Fernie, Alisdair R.
9-Dec-2016The prognostic value of a new lef t bundle branch block in patients with acute myocardial infarction: A systematic review and meta-analysisAlrajoub, Belal; Noureddine, Samar; El Chami, Samer; Haidar, Mohamad Hussein; Itani, Bachir; Zaiter, Aida; Akl, Elie
2005Program evaluation conditions at the Palestinian non-governmental organizationsGhosheh, Amjad Amin
2014Progress of The Lancet Palestinian Health AllianceWatt, Graham
2014Progressive income taxes and macroeconomic instabilityIsmael, Mohanad
Dec-2014Progressive income taxes and Macroeconomic InstabilityIsmael, Mohanad
2007Progressive Transmission of Images Over Slow NetworksQasrawi, Zahir T.
Jul-2020A project-based language learning model steered by constructivist theory for developing English 141 and EFL students’ skills at Birzeit University.Abed,Tagreed Bajes 
Nov-2018Projected Statewide Traffic Forecast Parameters using Artificial Neural NetworksGhanim, Mohammad S.; Abu-Lebdeh, Ghassan
2019Prokaryotic and Mitochondrial Lipids: A Survey of Evolutionary OriginsRappocciolo, Emilia ; Stiban, Johnny 
24-Sep-2019Prolonged occupation under international humanitarian lawDeeik, Micheline ; Khalil, Asem 
2003Promoting Gender in the Community-Based Rehabilitation Programmes (a discussion paper)Abu Nahleh, Lamis
2009Promoting sustainable urban development in Palestinian cities : a framework for sustainable physical developmentShaheen, Lubna
2009Promoting sustainable urban growth strategies to curb sprawl in the urban area of Bethlehem governorateEl-Atrash, Ahmad
10-Apr-2008Promoting, managing, and marketing e-resources in higher education institutions: a case studySayej, Diana
May-2001Properties of dense strange hadronic matter with quark degrees of freedomZakout, I.; Jaqaman, Henry; Stocker, H.; Greiner, W.
1923The prophetGibran, Kahlil, 1883-1931
1937The prophets and the rise of JudaismLods, Adolphe, 1867-1948