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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Spring Water Hydrochemistry along the North - South Profile in the Jordan ValleyGhanem, Marwan; Ghannam, Subha
2015Spring Water Qualitative Assessment in Mountainous Areas, Case Study: Soreq Catchment/Ramallah/West BankGhanem, Marwan; Jebreen, Hassan
2015Stability and removal of Atorvastatin, Rosuvastatin and Simvastatin from wastewaterSulaiman, Saleh; Nir, Shlomo; Aurelio Bufo, Sabino; Karaman, Rafik
2014Stability and removal of dexamethasone sodium phosphate from wastewater using modified claysSulaiman, Saleh; Khamis, Mustafa; Karaman, Rafik; Bufo, Sabino; Scrano, Laura
2015Stability and removal of spironolactone from wastewaterSulaiman, Saleh; Karaman, Rafik; Bufo, Sabino; Scrano, Laura
Jan-2001Stage - Discharge Relationship in Flow Measurement Structures of Symmetrical Rectangular Compound Cross SectionsKhatib, Issam
2011Staging Resistance in Bil'in: The Performance of Violence in a Palestinian VillageJawad, Rania
2014A standardized graphic method for describing data privacy frameworks in primary care research using a flexible zone modelTaweel, Adel
2006Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage , capsular polysaccharides serotypes and host immune response in End Stage Renal Disease patientsZeidan, Fida' Mohammad Salameh
2008Start-up of an UASB-septic tank for community on-site treatment of strong domestic sewageAl-Shayah, Mohammad; Mahmoud, Nidal
Jun-2007Start-up phase assessment of a UASB-Septic tank system treating domestic septageAli, Manal; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Mahmoud, Nidal
Feb-2018State of necessityKhalil, Asem
2004A stated preference approach to assessing health care-quality improvements in Palestine: from theoretical validity to policy implicationsMataria, Awad
1992Statistical fragmentation of Au projectiles at E/A = 600 MeVGiacaman, Henry; Hubele, J.; Kreutz, P.; Adloff, J.C.; Begemann-Blaich, M.
1945Statistical handbook of Middle Eastern countries : Palestine, Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, the Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, TurkeyJewish Agency for Palestine. Economic Research Institute
1985Statistical Report: Disease Diagnosis at Birzeit Women's Charitable Society Clinic During One YearSmith, Chris
3-Jun-2008Statistical/corpus based methods for improved bilingual (Arabic/English) web searchYahya, Adnan; Hithnawi, Anwar; Salhi, Ali; Fawadleh, Merna
Aug-2015Statistics and inter-annotator agreement calculations of the Palestinian dialect corpus – curras : technical reportJarrar, Mustafa; Alrimawi, Faeq
2010Status of rights and freedoms in the Palestinian lawKhalil, Asem
27-Jul-2015Step towards upgrading perspective for Shuafat Refugee Camp – JerusalemJawabrah, Muain Qasem; Badawy, Usama Ibrahim