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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1983Studies on the reaction of ferric iron with glutathione and some related thiols. Part III. A study of the iron catalyzed oxidation of glutathione by molecular oxygenHamed, Mazen; Silver, Jack; Wilson, Michael
Oct-1986Studies on the reactions of ferric iron with ascorbic acid. A study of solution chemistry using Mossbauer spectroscopy and stopped-flow techniquesHamed, Mazen; Wilson, Michael; Silver, Jack
1996A Study of 19 Palestinian Communities in the Southern District of the West Bank with Special Reference to the Needs of Persons with Disabilities.Giacaman, Rita
1995A study of 23 Palestinian villages in the central district of the West Bank with special reference to the needs of Persons with disabilitiesHarami, Ghada; Parson, Ulrike; Giacaman, Rita
2009Study of Environmental Radioactivity in Palestine by in situ Gamma-Ray SpectroscopyLahham, Adnan; Al-Masri, Hussein; Judeh, Adnan Jawdat
2014Study of inverse parabolic partial differential equations with discontinuous coefficientsTiti, Aseel
Jan-2005Study of the scavenging behavior and structural changes accompanying the interaction of aqueous Pb2+ and Sr2+ ions with calciteShahwan, Talal
2013A study on hollow-lifting modulesMahmoud, Ghannam
2012A study on the attitudes and behavioural influence of construction waste management in occupied Palestinian territoryAl-Sari, Majed I.; Khatib, Issam; Avraamides, M.; Fatta-Kassinos, D.
2016A study on the available options for mitigating water scarcity in the Hebron District, PalestineAbu-Madi, Maher; Tumar, Khalil
1994A style-based contrastive approach to the teaching of writing for advanced Arab studentsAbdel-Fattah, Mahmoud
Jan-1984Sub-barrier fusion of heavy ionsGiacaman, Henry
2011Success against the odds: Palestinian female students outperform their male counterparts in academic achievementMakkawi, Ibrahim
2017Succession of family businesses in PalestineHabash, Nojoud; Salameh, Claudie S.
2012Suicidality and Suicide Bombing Revisited: A Rejoinder to MerariAraj, Bader; Brym, Robert J., 1951-
2006Suicide Bombing as Strategy and Interaction: The Case of the Second IntifadaAraj, Bader; Brym, Robert J., 1951-
2005Suicide in Palestine : narratives of despairDabbagh, Nadia
2003Sulfasalazine matrix coating with low mw DL-POLY (Lactic Acid)Shtaya, Hani Naseef; Zugouri, R.; Vlachou, Marilena
1993Sulphur dioxide in the enviroment , Methods of determinationLaila, Abdalhamid
1924A Sumerian reading - bookGadd, C. J. (Cyril John), 1893-1969