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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Pollution effects of the wastewater flow on the groundwater quality in Wadi-Samen catchment : Hebron, PalestineZaarir, Mohammad
2015The pollution effects of the wastewater flow on the water quality in Wadi Sarida Catchment / West BankAhmad, Waseem
2013Pollution Sources Determination of the East – West Profile of the spring system /Ghanem, Marwan; Bader, Bihan
2014Polycentricity as a spatial model for regional development : the case of Ramallah governorateAffouneh, Nadia
2000Polymers for use in controlled release systems : the effect of surfactants on their swelling propertiesVlachou, Marilena; Shtaya, Hani Naseef; Efentakis, Manuel; Tarantili, P. A.; Andreopoulos, A. G.
1997Population and fertility : population policies, women's rights and sustainable developmentGiacaman, Rita
2002A population at risk of risks: no one is in a healthy state in PalestineGiacaman, Rita
2000Population FertilityGiacaman, Rita
Jan-2014Population Impact on Land-use/cover change: its impact on nature Global ChangeThawaba, Salem
2008Position control of shape memory alloy (SMA) wire using model - and behavioral - based and non model - based controllersGhanem, Samah A. M.
Mar-2011Positioning a virtual teacher in an MR physical task learning support systemNawahdah, Mamoun
2000Positive Unit Hyper-Resolution Tableaux for Minimal Model GenerationYahya, Adnan; Bry, Francois
Jul-2000Positive unit hyperresolution tableaux and their application to minimal model generationBry, Francois; Yahya, Adnan
2011The Post-Oslo Palestine and Gendering Palestinian CitizenshipJad, Islah
29-Oct-2017Potential application of renewable energy sources at urban wastewater treatment facilities in Palestine : three case studiesTaha, Manal; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
2008Potential impact of climate change on agricultural water demand : a case study of Jericho and Al Aghwar district, PalestineAbu Jamous, Sireen
2018Potential of biogas production from biomass and organic waste materials in the West Bank of PalestineAbdo, Ziad Tareq; Khatib, Issam
2016Potential of Horizontal Subsurface-Flow Constructed Wetlands for Polishing of Treated SewagesAbed, Shereen Nasser; Mahmoud, Nidal; Sharma, Saroj K.
2014Potentiality of the community willingness for using desalination plants for the groundwater wells in Jericho Area – PalestineGhanem, Marwan; Luebcke, S.; Schweder, C.
2018Poverty dynamics in Palestine using repeated cross-sectional data analysisSadiq, Tariq; Taleeb, Abdallah