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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Prediction of Non-Functional Properties of Service-Based SystemsTaweel, Adel; Tyson, Gareth
2014Prediction of zonal and total discharges in smooth straight prismatic compound channels using regression modelingKhatib, Issam; Abaza, Khaled; Abu Fkhidah, Ismail
2003Predictors of change in plasma total cysteine: Longitudinal findings from the Hordaland Homocysteine StudyEl-Khairy, Lina
2002Preferences for male and female children in marriage : who should girls and boys marry and whyAbu Nahleh, Lamis
1990Prehistoric and early urban mortuary differentiations in Palestine with special reference to Tell TaannekNissen, Hans J.; Hamdan, Taha
1995A preliminary evaluation of urban health in Palestinian citiesTawfiq, Nasser
1980Preliminary study and design of Zbeidat sewerage projectKotaab, Atallah
Nov-1993Preliminary vision of a Palestinian education systemNasru, Fathiyeh
Jan-2011Preparation and characterization of aluminasupported iron nanoparticles and its application for the removal of aqueous Cu 2+ ionsKarabelli, D.; S. √únal; Shahwan, Talal; Eroglu, A.E.
2001Preparation and characterization of various types of boronic acids and esters by addition of bis-(pinacolato)diborane(4) to cyclic enones, trans-cinnamaldehyde and methyl trans-cinnamateSrebnik, Morris; Goldberg, Israel; Abu Ali, Hijazi
2002Preparation of 13C-1-cyclopropyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-Tetrahydropyridine DerivativeKuttab, Simon; Mabic, S.; Castagnoli, Jr., N.
1994Preparation, structure and catecholase-mimetic activity of two mononuclear ferrocenecarboxylate copper(I1) complexesAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif; Pollitte, Jonathan; Woods, Clifton
2017Preparatory studies on the determination of the top-quark mass in single top-quark events with the ATLAS detector at the LHCKhater, Wafaa; Wagner, Wolfgang; Wahdan, Shayma'
28-Mar-2019Pressure Ulcers Prevalence and Potential Risk Factors Among Intensive Care Unit Patients in Governmental Hospitals in Palestine: A Cross-sectional StudyQaddumi, Jamal; Almahmoud, Omar
2013Pretreatment options for wastewater from stone cutting industry in Hebron districtAbu Al-Failat, Malek
Dec-2018Prevalence and Features of Pressure Ulcers among Patients in ICU Department of Governmental Hospital in Palestine: Cross SectionalQaddumi, Jamal A. S.; Almahmoud, Omar
2009Prevalence and sociodemograpic correlates of stunting, underweight, and overweight among Palestinian school adolescents (13-15 years) in two major governorates in the west bankMikki, Nahed
2006Prevalence of cryptosporidium in children with diarrhea in the West BankAbu Alrub, Sameer M.
Feb-2008Prevalence of cryptosporidium spp. in children with diarrhoea in the West Bank, PalestineAbu Alrub, Sameer M.; Abu Sada, Gabi; Farraj, Mohammad; Essawi, Tamer
2000Prevalence of diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance in a rural Palestinian populationHusseini, Abdullatif