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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Probing the mechanism of bioactivation of MPTP type analogs by Monoamine Oxidase B: structure activity studies on substituted 4-Phenoxy, 4- Phenyl, and 4-Tiophenoxy-1-Cyclopropyl-1,2,3,6-TetrahydropyridinesRimoldi, J.; Wang, Yalan; Nimkar, S.; Kuttab, Simon; Anderson, S.
Jul-2014Problems of management of medical solid waste at primary health care centres in the Palestinian Territory and their remedial measuresKhatib, Issam
Oct-2011Proceedings of the 1st Palestinian conference on e- Governance and e- ServicesJarrar, Mustafa
2012Process monitoring and performance evaluation of existing wastewater treatment plants in Palestinian rural areas , West BankArafeh, Ghadeer A.
Jan-2002Process performance assessment of algae-based and duckweed-based wastewater treatment systems.Zimmo, Omar; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Steen, Peter van der; Gijzen, Huub
2010Process performance assessment of anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR) followed by activated sludge process for waste water treatmentAdas, Mohammed N.
2004Process performance evaluation of the contact stabilization system at Birzeit University campusAl-Sa'ed, Rashed; Zimmo, Omar
2016Processing over encrypted data : between theory and practiceSaleh, Eyad; AlSa'deh, Ahmad; Kayed, Ahmad; Meinel, Christoph
2011Product diversification: the need for innovation and the role of a balanced scorecardJarrar, Nazmi; Smith, Malcolm
19-Sep-2000Production of biologically stable water through process performance enhancement of Jericho Water Treatment Plant in Palestine.Nawahda, Amin; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed
2015Profiling of primary metabolites and flavonols in leaves of two table grape varieties collected from semiarid and temperate regionsHarb, Jamil; Alseekh, Saleh; Tohge, Takayuki; Fernie, Alisdair R.
9-Dec-2016The prognostic value of a new lef t bundle branch block in patients with acute myocardial infarction: A systematic review and meta-analysisAlrajoub, Belal; Noureddine, Samar; El Chami, Samer; Haidar, Mohamad Hussein; Itani, Bachir; Zaiter, Aida; Akl, Elie
2005Program evaluation conditions at the Palestinian non-governmental organizationsGhosheh, Amjad Amin
2014Progress of The Lancet Palestinian Health AllianceWatt, Graham
Dec-2014Progressive income taxes and Macroeconomic InstabilityIsmael, Mohanad
2014Progressive income taxes and macroeconomic instabilityIsmael, Mohanad
2007Progressive Transmission of Images Over Slow NetworksQasrawi, Zahir T.
2003Promoting Gender in the Community-Based Rehabilitation Programmes (a discussion paper)Abu Nahleh, Lamis
2009Promoting sustainable urban development in Palestinian cities : a framework for sustainable physical developmentShaheen, Lubna
2009Promoting sustainable urban growth strategies to curb sprawl in the urban area of Bethlehem governorateEl-Atrash, Ahmad