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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Is Israel obliged to implement international humanitarian law?Khalil, Asem
Oct-2020Is Sustainable Development Possible Under Occupation? The Case of Palestine. In Routledge Handbook of Middle East Politics. Ed. Larabi Sadiki. 2020.Ezbidi, Basem 
1995Islam is the Solution: Jordanian Islamists and the Dilemma of the Modern WomanTaraki, Lisa
Oct-2001Islam with the internet could do much to prevent diseaseHusseini, Abdullatif; Ronald, Laporte
2003Islamic Banking in Palestine : Challenges and ProspectsJabr, Hisham
2015Islamic Bonds (Sukuk): Opportunities and ChallengesTalahma, Khaled
2004Islamic Law and the Transition to Palestinian Statehood: Constraints and Opportunities for Legal ReformJohnson, Penny
1989The Islamic Resistance Movement in the Palestinian uprisingTaraki, Lisa
2011Islamism and Secularism: between State Instrumentalisation and Opposition Islamic MovementsIslah, Jad
2005Islamist women of Hamas : a new women’s movement ?Jad, Islah
2011Islamist women of Hamas: between feminism and nationalism.Islah, Jad 
1933Ismail, the maligned khediveCrabites, Pierre 
2002Isolation and characterization of Shiga Toxigenic Escherichia coli strains in Nothern Palestine.Essawi, Tamer; Adwan, Kamel
2005Isolation and identification of flavonoids, including flavone rotamers, from the herbal drug ‘Crataegi Folium Cum Flore’ (Hawthorn)Rayyan, Saleh; Fossen, Torgils; Nateland, Harvard Solheim; Andersen, Oyvind M.
2011Isolation, identification and molecular characterization of Brucella strains isolated fromEssawi, Tamer
2011Isolation, identification and molecular characterization of Brucella strains isolated from small ruminants in the West Bank, PalestineAwwad, Elena ; Farraj, Mohammad ; Adwan, Kamel M. ; Essawi, Tamer 
1986Israel and the American national interest : a critical examinationRubenberg, Cheryl
1932Israel from its beginnings to the Middle of the eighth centuryLods, Adolphe, 1867-1948 
2012Israel's 1967 first strike against Egypt : preemptive or preventiveMohammed, Gamal M. A.
1995Israel`s economic strategy in the Middle EastHilal, Jamil