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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Robot Cell PlanningHammad, Ibrahim; Tubaileh, Allan; Alkafafi, Loay
2001Robust D-StabilityKafri, Wasfi
2011Robust Fault Detection Filter Design for Uncertain Switched Systems with Adaptive Threshold SettingAbdo, Ali; Damlakhi, Waseem; Saijai, Jedsada; Ding, Steven
2002Role conflict and the dilemma of Palestinian teachers in IsraelMakkawi, Ibrahim
2010Role of Banking sector in the Arab economic developmentSabri, Nidal
1986The Role of Computer Technology in Distance Learning (in Arabic)Yahya, Adnan
2-Oct-2011Role of contrastive text analysis in teaching translation for language learning purposes: prepositions as a caseAbdel-Fattah, Mahmoud
2007The role of Dialogue in Language Teaching of the 7th grade learners of English in Ramallah GovernorateEL-Abour, Massada Issam
Jan-1991The Role of Divalent metal ions as co-repressors for the repressor protein FUR: A study of the Co(II) complexes, Fifth International conference on Bioinorganic ChemistryHamed, Mazen
2006The Role of Israeli Planning Policies on Controlling Arabs in East JerusalemHalawani, Abdelrahman
2006The role of modern socio-cultural aspects in transforming Jerusalem old city urban formElrifai, Yazeed M.
2010The Role of Partnerships in Water- Related Research in PalestineAl-Sa'ed, Rashed; Mimi, Ziad
2006The Role of the Constitution in the Arab WorldKhalil, Asem
Jul-2012The Role of the Islamic Pious foundations (Waqf) in Building the Old City of Jerusalem during the Islamic Periods (637-1917)Sroor, Musa
1913Roughing itTwain, Mark, 1835-1910
2005Routines in facility-based maternity care: evidence from the Arab WorldKabakian-Khasholian, Tamar; Khalil, Karima; Sholkamy, Hania; Hassanein, Nevine; Cherine, Mohamed; Elnoury, Amr; Mohsen, Lamia; Breebaart, Miral; Kabakian-Khasholian, Tamar; Shayboub, Rawan; Khayat, Rita; Campbell, Oona M. R.; Osman, Hibah; Mourtada, Rima; Hafez, Raghda; Sinno, Dima; Mikki, Nahed; Wick, Laura; Wick, Livia; Bashour, Hyam; Abdulsalam, Asmaa; Sheikha, Salah
2016Routing in IP/LEO Satellite Communication Systems: Past, Present and FutureHanani, Abualsoud; Hussein, Mohammed
2009Rule-based programming of heterogeneous sensor and actor networksAwad, Abdalkarim; Dressler, Falko; Wang, Dongyu; German, Reinhard
2014Rural development and community participation within joint planning areas : Al-Yaserreyeh case studySwitti, Moayyad Taleb Mahmoud