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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Momentum and Kinetic energy coefficients in symmetrical rectangular compound cross section flumesKhatib, Issam
Mar-1996A monetary alternative for the Palestinian economy : a Palestinian currencyZagha, Adel
Sep-2006Monitoring urban heavy metal pollution using the house sparrow, passer domesticusSwaileh, Khalid; Sansur, Ramzi
2010Monodehydroascorbate reductase gene from blueberries and the impact of CA storage on its expression and on the level of antioxidantsHarb, Jamil; Khraiwesh, Basel; Streif, Josef; Reski, Ralf; Frank, Wolfgang
1991Monomer and dimer complexes of copper (II) acetate with pyridine and picolines II * solutionAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif
1981Monomer and dimer complexes of copper acetate with pyridine and picolines. part I. Synthesis and characterizationAhmed, I. Y.; Abu Hijleh, Abdullatif
1994Mononuclear and binuclear copper(II) complexes of the antiinflammatory drug ibuprofen : synthesis, characterization , and catecholase-mimetic activityAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif
13-Sep-1993Mononuclear copper (II) complexes catalyzed oxidation of TMPD and O-phenylenediamine and oxygen insertion in the O-phenylenediamine/ Ph3P/ Copper (II) catalyst.Abu Hijleh, Abdullatif
2010Mononuclear copper (II) salicylate complexes with 1,2-dimethylimidazole and 2-methylimidazole: Synthesis, spectroscopic and crystal structure characterization and their superoxide scavenging activitiesAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif
2001Mononuclear copper (II) salicylate imidazole complexes derived from copper (II) aspirinate. Crystallographic determination of three copper geometries in a unit cellAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif
2011Mononuclear copper (ll) aspirinate or salicylate complexes with methylimidazoles as biomimetic catalysts for oxidative dealkylation of a hindered phenol, oxidation of catechol and their superoxide scavenging activitiesAbu Hijleh, Abdullatif
2004Monthly Recharge Estimation for the Auja Tamseeh Catchments of the Western Basin Aquifers System PalestineAsbah, Sawsan
Sep-2007Morphosynthesis of CaCO3 at different reaction temperatures and the effects of PDDA, CTAB, and EDTA on the particle morphology and polymorph stabilityAltay, E.; Shahwan, Talal; Tano─člu, M.
Nov-1997Mortgaging self-reliance: foreign aid and development in Palestine, phase report IIZagha, Adel
2003The most commonly used drugs at the primary health care level in PalestineKhatib, Rana
1948Mother : a Novel in two partsGorky, Maksim, 1868-1936 ; Wettlin, Margaret, 1907- 
2011Motion adaptive orientation adjustment of a virtual teacher to support physical task learningNawahdah, Mamoun; Inoue, Tomoo
2013Motivation for Achievement and Structural Workplace Empowerment among Palestinian Health care ProfessionalsNasser, Randa; Saadeh, Bilal
Oct-2020The motivation of non- native Arabic speakers to learn Arabic Language: Beirzait University as a modelShaath, Sami 
2010The Motivations of Palestinian Suicide Bombers in the Second Intifada (2000-05)Ela'Arj, Bader