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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1984Liquid-gas phase transitions in finite nuclear matterGiacaman, Henry; Mekjian, A. Z.; Zamick, Larry
1918Literary essaysTwain, Mark, 1835-1910
1913The literature of the Old TestamentMoore, George Foot, 1851-1931
1941The Lithostrotos and the Basilica of the Ecce Homo
1988Liver albumin synthesis increases in free ribosomes during the acute phase reactionPiccoletti, R.; Aletti, M.G.; Rappocciolo, Emilia; Bendinelli, P.; Bernelli-Zazzera, A.
2006Living Palestine : family survival, resistance, and mobility under occupation
2006Living Together in A Nation in Fragments: Dynamics of Kin, Place and NationJohnson, Penny
5-Mar-1992Local Considerations in Computer Science Curricula DevelopmentYahya, Adnan
1947Local government in Palestine comprising the law of municipalities and local council, local authorities, business tax, rates and taxes exemption, town planning, trade and industries regulation : collection of ordinances, rules and orders and a digest of cases by the supreme court and district courtsKandel, A. S.
2009Local planning in the West Bank : an analytical study towards an acceptable local planning approachKrunz, Amani
1919The long road to BaghdadCandler, Edmund, 1874-1926
2012A Loosely Coupled Framework for Terminology Controlled Distributed EHR Search for Patient Cohort Identification in ClinicalTaweel, Adel; Choi Keung, Sarah N. Lim; Arvanitis, Theodoros; Delaney, Brendan
1932Lord Cromer : being the authorized life of Evelyn Baring first Earl of Cromer G. C. B. , O. M. , G. C. M. G. , K. C. S. I.Zetland, Lawrence John Lumley Dundas, Marquis of, 1876-1961
2011Low power address generator for memory built-in self-testAwad, Ahmed N.; Abu Issa, Abdallatif
2009Low Power High Fault Coverage Test Techniques for Digital VLSI CircuitsAbu Issa, Abdallatif
2009Low-delay low-complexity bandwidth-constrained wireless video transmission using SVC over MIMO systemsJubran, Mohammad; Bansal, Manu; Kondi, Lisimachos P.
1-Dec-2008Low-delay low-complexity bandwidth-constrained wireless video transmission using SVC over MIMO SystemsJubran, Mohammad K. ; Manu Bansal ; Kondi, Lismiachos P. 
2020Lung Function and Respiratory Health of Populations Living Close to Quarry Sites in Palestine: A Cross-Sectional StudyNemer, Maysaa ; Giacaman, Rita ; HUSSEINI, ABDULLATIF 
15-Oct-2015Lung function and respiratory symptoms among female hairdressers in Palestine: a 5-year prospective studyNemer, Maysaa ; Kristensen, Petter ; Nijem, Khaldoun ; Bjertness, Espen ; Skare, Øivind ; Skogstad, Marit 
Dec-2018L’analyse des erreurs en production écrite chez les apprenants arabophones en classe de FLEAfifi, Dalia