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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010MSMEs in Palestine; challenges and potentialSabri, Nidal
1924Muhammadan architecture in Egypt and PalestineBriggs, Martin S. (Martin Shaw), 1882-1977
2011Multi axis vibration isolation using different active techniques of frequency reductionAbu Hanieh, Ahmed; Preumont, Andre
Oct-2011Multi criteria analysis for locating sustainable suburban centers: a case study from Ramallah Governorate, PalestineAbuSada, Jumana; Thawaba, Salem
Apr-2010Multi Criteria and Landfill Site Selection Using Gis: A Case Study From Palestine~!2010-01- 01~!2010-01-24~!2010-03-19~!Mahamid, Ibrahim; Thawaba, Salem
2014Multi-agent system for recruiting patients for clinical trialsTaweel, Adel; Mahmoud, Samhar; Tyson, Gareth; Vanstaa, Tjeerd
Jan-2010Multi-criteria and landfill site selection using GIS: a case study from PalestineMahamid, Ibrahim; Thawaba, Salem
2015Multi-variable regression models for prediction of discharge and approach velocity coefficients in flow measurement flumes with compound cross-sectionKhatib, Issam; Abaza, Khaled
2016Multichannel step up power converter with magnetically uncoupled filtersMohammad, Khader
2012Multicore-based auto-scaling SEcure Neighbor Discovery for Windows operating systemsRafiee, Hosnieh; AlSa'deh, Ahmad; Meinel, Christoph
2014Multilingual verbalization of ORM conceptual models and axiomatized ontologiesJarrar, Mustafa; Keet, C. Maria; Dongilli, Paolo
2006Multilingual verbalization of ORM conceptual models and axiomatized ontologiesJarrar, Mustafa
2017Multiplicity among Palestinian masculinity : the case of middle class men in the city of RamallahMeari, Lena; Alnatsheh, Maisa Taher Hussni
1940Municipal corporation of Haifa : the municipal by - laws
2011Municipal Solid Waste Management in developing Countries: Future Challenges and Possible OpportunitiesKhateeb, Emad; Al-Junidi, Amer; Sawalha, Issmat
2009Municipal Solid Waste Management in Jericho and Ramallah Cities in the West Bank, PalestineAl-Khateeb, Ammar J.
2013Mussels wandering optimization algorithm based training of artificial neural networks for pattern classificationAbu Snaina, Ahmed; Abdullah, Rosni
2013Mutational spectrum of cystic fibrosis among the Palestinian populationEssawi, Osama H.
1878Mycenae : a narrative of researches and discoveries at Mycenae and TirynsSchliemann, Heinrich, 1822-1890
2004The myth of Camp David or The distortion of the Palestinian narrativeBaumgarten, Helga