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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2006On the difference equation Xn+1 = α+ Xpn/Xpn−1Aloqeili, Mohammad
2007On the difference equation Xn+1=α+Xpn/Xpn−1Aloqeili, Marwan
2012On the Difficulty in Predicting and Understanding the Arab Spring: Orientalism, Euro-Centrism and ModernityShihade, Majid
2008On the dynamic of a higher order rational difference equationFarhat, Aseel
2017On the dynamics of a rational difference equationSaleh, Mohammad
Jan-2017On the dynamics of a rational difference equation xn+1=α+βxn+γxn−kBxn+Cxn−kSaleh, Mohammad; Alkoumi N., Farhat A.
2005On the effectiveness and efficiency of computing bounds on the support of item-sets in the frequent item-sets mining problemSayrafi, Bassem
1998On the eve of the new millennium : Christian voices from the Holy LandSabila, Bernard; Aghazarian, Albert; Safieh, Afif
2002On the fragmentation of multiply charged sodium clustersGiacaman, Henry; Zakout, I.; Hidmi, H. I.
May-1998On the Global Dimension of Computer Legislation: A Third World PerspectiveYahya, Adnan
Mar-2008On the nature of antimicrobial activity: a model for Protegrin-1Langham, Allison A.; Sayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah; Kaznessis, Yiannis N.
2008On the need for passive monitoring in sensor networksAwad, Abdalkarim; Nebel, Rodrigo; German, Reinhard; Dressler, Falko
2011On the number of limit cycles of a generalized Abel equationAlkoumi, Naeem; Torres, Pedro J.
2014On the number of ring homomorphisms over certain ringsSaleh, Mohammad; Kowkas, Sultan Amin Issa
2007On the performance of MSOVA for UMTS & cdma2000 Turbo CodesMis'ef, Hani Hashem
1976On the Preparation of 80Br-Biomolecules. The Effect of Various Experimental Parameters on Radiochemical Yields.Mustaklem, Jack
1976On the Preparation of 80Br-Biomolecules: 80Br for I exchange in Iodo-Biomolecules.Mustaklem, Jack
1979On the Preparation of 80Br-Biomolecules: 80Br-Bromohippuric Acid.Mustaklem, Jack
Jun-1998On the Problems of Information Technology Management in Developing NationsYahya, Adnan
15-Dec-2005On the rational difference equation y n +1 = A + y n / y n-kSaleh, Mohammad; Aloqeili, Marwan