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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Negotiating human rights in peace processes : the lessons of South Africa, Northern Ireland and the Palestinian-Israeli situationsMari, Mustafa
2003The Negotiation Process: The lack of a human rights componentMari, Mustafa
2013NETCONF interoperability testingTumar, Iyad; Tran, Ha Manh; Schonwalder, Jurgen
1993Neurosecretory cells in the central nervous system of the red slug, Arion rufus L. Inverteb. NeurobiolEzzughayyar, Ademar
1929The new archeological discoveries and their bearing upon the New Testament and upon the life and times of the primitive churchCobern, Camden McCormack, 1855-1920
2006New challenges for the Palestinian women’s movement in PalestineKuttab, Eileen
1989A New indirect specrophotometric procedure for determination of sulphur dioxideAyob, Abdel Kareem
1931New light from Armageddon : second provisional report (1927-29) on the excavations at Megiddo in PalestineGuy, P. L. O. (Philip Langstaffe Ord), 1885-; Staples, William Ewart
2014A New lmlk Jar Handle from Hirbet QilaHalayqa, Issam
2014New mixed ligand zinc(II) complexes based on the antiepileptic drug sodium valproate and bioactive nitrogen-donor ligands. Synthesis, structure and biological propertiesDarawsheh, Mohanad D.; Abu Ali, Hijazi; Abu Hijleh, Abdullatif; Rappocciolo, Emilia; Akkawi, Mutaz; Jaber, Suhair; Maloul, Salam; Hussein, Yasmeen
2016New mixed ligand Zn(II) complexes based on the biologically active substituted acetic acid and nitrogen donor ligands : synthesis, crystal structure and biological applicationsAbu Ali, Hijazi; Kamel, Shayma Kamal
2009New Palestinian towns as one of urban development modelsHussein, Hussein Ahmad
2016New Zinc(II) Complexes of the Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (Indomethacin) and Various Nitrogen Donor Ligands. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological ActivityAbu Ali, Hijazi; Jabali, Baha' H.
1937Newsgirl in PalestineBoard, Barbara
Jan-2015Next generation sequencing to determine the cystic fibrosis mutation spectrum in Palestinian populationEssawi, Osama; Farraj, Mohammad; De Leeneer, K.; Steyaert, W.; De Pauw, K.; De Paepe, A.; Claes, K.; Essawi, Tamer; Coucke, P. J.; Farraj, Mohammad
1995NGO Study in the West Bank and Gaza StripBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
2004The ‘NGOisation’ of the Arab women’s movementJad, Islah
1917Ninety-six hours' leaveMcKenna, Stephen, 1888-1967
1917Ninety-six hours' leaveMcKenna, Stephen 1888-1967
1849Nineveh and its remains : with an account of a visit to the Chaldaean Christians of Kurdistan, and the Yezidis, or devil-worshippers, and an inquiry into the manners and arts of the ancient AssyriansLayard, Austen Henry, 1817-1894