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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Optimization of domestic solar water heating systemAkel, Afif
2016Optimized Operation of PV/T and Micro-CHP Hybrid Power SystemsAwad, Abdalkarim; Bazan, Peter; German, Reinhard
1999Optimizing insulation thickness for buildings using life-cycle costHasan, Afif
2010Optimizing irrigation water use in the West Bank, PalestineMimi, Ziad; Nazer, Dima; Siebel, Maarten; Van der Zaag, Pieter
2016Optimizing security for software deployed on cloud environment using evolutionary searchHassouneh, Yousef; Radwan, Wafaa
Jan-1999Optimum decision policy for management of pavement maintenance and rehabilitationAbaza, Khaled; Ashur, Suleiman
Mar-2003An optimum design approach for flexible pavementsAbaza, Khaled; Abu Eisheh, Sameer
2013Optimum feature selection in software product lines: let your model and values guide your searchSayyad, Abdel Salam; Ingram, Joseph; Menzies, Tim; Ammar, Hany
Nov-2002Optimum flexible pavement life-cycle analysis modelAbaza, Khaled
2009An Optimum Microscopic Pavement Management Model Using Constrained Integer Linear ProgrammingAbaza, Khaled; Ashur, Suleiman
2011Options for achieving internal economic connectivity and effective international trade for a viable Palestinian state : MAS annual conference papers : the unity of the Palestinian economy a key for ending the occupation, 23-24 January 2011Awadallah, Faisal
1993Ordered Model Trees: a Normal Form for Disjunctive Deductive Databases.Yahya, Adnan; Fernandez, Jose Alberto; Minker, Jack
1-Mar-2002Ordered semantic hypertableauxYahya, Adnan; Plaisted, David A.
1980Ordnance survey of JerusalemWilson, Charles William, Sir, 1836-1905; James, H., 1803-1877
2015Organisations working with the multi-family approach : part A : manual for organisationsTrudy, Mooren
1998Organizing an EFL Materials and Media Fair ProjectRammal, Samir
2008Orientation of solar photovoltaic panels in desert regionsAbu Hanieh, Ahmad
1906The origin and history of the Primitive Methodist ChurchKendall, H. B. (Holliday Bickerstaffe) , 1844-1919
Jun-2010ORM to OWL 2 DL MappingHodrob, Rami; Jarrar, Mustafa
7-Mar-2016Outcomes of cesarean deliveries in a Palestinian governmental hospital : a prospective quantitative studyHassan, Sahar; Wick, Laura