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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Association of cerebral palsy with consanguineous parents and other risk factors in a Palestinian populationDaher, Suzy; El-Khairy, Lina
10-Nov-2016The association of depression and fatigue with quality of life among Palestinian patients with cancerDreidi, Mu'taz; Asmar, Imad; Al-Rjoub, Belal
1886Assyria : from the earliest times to the fall of NinevehSmith, George, 1840-1876
1902Assyrian and Babylonian letters belonging to the Kouyunjik collections of the British museumHarper, Robert Francis, 1864-1914; Waterman, Leroy, 1875-1972
1900Assyrische-babylonische mythen und epenJensen, P. (Peter), 1861-1936
2013Attenuated muscle metaboreflex-induced increases in cardiac function in hypertensionSala-Mercado, Javier A.; Spranger, Marty D.; Abu Hamdah, Rania; Kaur, Jasdeep; Coutsos, Matthew; Stayer, Douglas; Augustyniak, Robert A.; O'Leary, Donal S.
2016Attitudes of Birzeit University students towards EnglishKhalaf, Faten
1999Attitudes of Palestinians toward Normalization with IsraelMiari, Mahmoud
1982Attogram-Level Detection and Relative Response of Strong Electrophores by Gas Chromatography with Electron Capture DetectionCorkill, J; Joppich, M.; Kuttab, Simon; Giese, R.
2005Auditor's role in financial statements fraud detection in the Palestinian business environmentSabri, Nidal; Shobaki, Imad A.
2005Automated reasoning, knowledge representation and managementBaumgartner, Peter; Furbach, Ulrich; Yahya, Adnan
Sep-2012Automated user interface testing for web applications, and testCompleteAl-Zain, Samer
Mar-2011Automatic adjustment of a virtual teacher's model in a learning support systemNawahdah, Mamoun
2016Automatic Identification of articulation disorders for Arabic children speakersHanani, Abualsoud; Attari, Mays; Farakhna, Atta’; Hussein, Mohammed; Joma’a, Aseel; Taylor, Stephen
2015Automatic orientation of solar photovoltaic panelsAbu Hanieh, Ahmad
2005Automatic term extraction using statistical techniques a comparative in-depth study & applicationAbu Zir, Yousef; Abu Rub, Haithem; Sabbah, Yousef
1-Nov-2011Autophagy stimulation by rapamycin suppresses lung inflammation and infection by Burkholderia cenocepacia in a model of cystic fibrosisAbdulrahman, Basant A.; Abu Khweek, Arwa; Akhter, Anwari; Caution, Kyle; Kotrange, Sheetal; Abdelaziz, Dalia H. A.; Newland, Christie; Rosales-Reyes, Roberto; Kopp, Benjamin; McCoy, Karen; Montione, Richard; Schlesinger, Larry S.; Gavrilin, Mikhail A.; Wewers, Mark D.; Valvano, Miguel A.; Amer, Amal O.
12-Oct-2016Autorita Palestinese : scenari preoccupanti per lo status quoKhalil, Asem
5-Oct-2016Autorité palestinienne : comment sortir du statu quo ?Khalil, Asem
2015Availability and affordability of cardiovascular disease medicines and their effect on use in high-income, middle-income, and low-income countries: an analysis of the PURE study dataKhatib, Rasha