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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014On Delusion, Art, and Urban Desires in Palestine TodayAnani, Yazid; Toukan, Hanan
2003On faint and quasi [ theta ] θ-continuitiesSaleh, Mohammad
Jan-2005On generalized Q.F.D. modulesSaleh, Mohammad; Jain, S. K.; Opez-Permouth, S. R. L.
2013On parameter tuning in search-based software engineering: a replicated empirical studySayyad, Abdel Salam; Goseva-Popstojanova, Katerina; Menzies, Tim; Ammar, Hany
2004On qdf modules and qdf ringsSaleh, Mohammad; Johnson, Johnny A.
2003On reusing conceptual data modeling for ontology engineeringJarrar, Mustafa; Demey, Jan; Meersman, Robert
2013On some types of supplemented modulesSalameh, Khitam
2006On street addresses and middle names: my struggle to upload a scientific paperGiacaman, Rita
2006“On Street Addresses and Middle Names: Uploading a Scientific Article in the Eyes of the Invisible”Giacaman, Rita
2002On super and [ delta ] δ–continuitiesSaleh, Mohammad
2005On the characterization of excess demand functionsAloqeili, Marwan
18-Oct-1989On the complexity of the initial stages of Arabic text processingYahya, Adnan
2013On the Conditional Independence Implication Problem: A Lattice-Theoretic ApproachSayrafi, Bassem; Niepert, Mathias; Van Gucht, Dirk; Gyssens, Marc
2005On the difference equationAloqeili, Marwan; Saleh, Mohammad
1-May-2006On the difference equation Xn+1 = α+ Xpn/Xpn−1Aloqeili, Mohammad
2007On the difference equation Xn+1=α+Xpn/Xpn−1Aloqeili, Marwan
2012On the Difficulty in Predicting and Understanding the Arab Spring: Orientalism, Euro-Centrism and ModernityShihade, Majid
2008On the dynamic of a higher order rational difference equationFarhat, Aseel
Jan-2017On the dynamics of a rational difference equation xn+1=α+βxn+γxn−kBxn+Cxn−kSaleh, Mahmoud; Alkoumi N., Farhat A.
2005On the effectiveness and efficiency of computing bounds on the support of item-sets in the frequent item-sets mining problemSayrafi, Bassem