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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Model Electrochemical Mass Spectrometic Studies of the Cytochrome P450-Catalysed Oxidations of Cyclic Tertiary AllylaminesJurva, U.; Bissel, P.; Isin, E.; Igarashi, K.; Kuttab, Simon
2012A model for the electronic support of practice- based research networksTaweel, Adel; Delaney, Brendan; Arvanitis, Theodoros; Speedie, Stuart M.
Jul-1996Model Generation in Disjunctive Normal DatabasesYahya, Adnan
2010Modeling and control of an elastic ship-mounted craneAhmad, Hussein M.
2008Modeling of greenhouse with PCM energy storageHasan, Afif
2005Modelling software development across time zonesTaweel, Adel; Brereton, Pearl
2004Models and inference methods for clinical systems: A principled approachTaweel, Adel; Rector, Alan L.; Rogers, Jeremy
1908Modern EgyptCromer, Evelyn Baring, Earl of, 1841-1917
1843Modern Egypt and Thebes : being a description of Egypt, including the information required for travellers in that countryWilkinson, John Gardner, Sir,1797-1875
2006Modernity aborted and reborn : ways of being urban in twentieth-century PalestineTaraki, Lisa
2015Modified Binary Cuckoo Search using rough set theory for feature selectionAlia, Ahmed Fayez
2012A modified drastic model for intrinsic vulnerability mapping for karst aquifers : a case studyMimi, Ziad; Mahmoud, Nidal; Abu Madi, Maher
1988A Modified spectrophotometric method for determination of Mn(II) in food stuffsLaila, Abdalhamid
2014Modified tournament harmony search for unconstrained optimisation problemsAbu Snaina, Ahmed; Shambour, Mohammad Khaled; Khader, Ahamad Tajudin; Shambour, Qusai
Jan-1999Modular limit for flumes of rectangular compound sectionsKhatib, Issam
Nov-2005Modularization and automatic composition of Object Role Modeling (ORM) schemesJarrar, Mustafa
1922Mohammedan wakfs in PalestineBarron, J. B. (John Bernard)
2012Molecular analysis of softening and ethylene synthesis and signaling pathways in a non-softening apple cultivar, ‘Honeycrisp’ and a rapidly softening cultivar, ‘McIntosh’Gappera, Nigel E.; Giovannonic, James J.; Watkinsa, Chris B.; Harb, Jamil
2004Molecular Analysis of MEFV Gene and Factor V Leiden Mutations among Palestinian Patients with Behcets DiseaseAbu Rmaileh, Hilal