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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1866The land of Israel : a journal of travels in Palestine : undertaken with special reference to its physical characterTristram, H. B. (Henry Baker), 1822-1906
2011Land resources management in rural areas and towns within a sustainable framework : a case study of HalhulRabah, Mais Taleb
1912The land that is desolate : an account of a tour in PalestineTreves, Frederick, 1853-1923
29-Aug-2018Landscape change in Ramallah—Palestine (1994–2014)Nazer, Samar; Abughannam, Rana; Khasib, Sara
1999The landscape of Palestine equivocal poetryHeacock, Roger; Abu Lughod, Ibrahim; Nashef, Khaled
2009Landscape Planning under Political Instability – Palestine as a case studyNazer, Samar; Abu Hammad, Ahmad
2008Laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry on porous silica and alumina for peptide mass fingerprintingShenar, Nawar; Martinez, Jean; Enjalbal, Christine
1943The law of criminal procedure in PalestineKantrovitch, H.
1947Law of landlord and tenant in Palestine; collection of Ottoman laws, ordinances and rules and digests of cases decided by the Supreme Court and district courtsGorali, Abraham, 1911- 
2006Law, violence and sovereignty amomg west bank palestiniansKelly, Tobias
1927Lawrence and the ArabsGraves, Robert, 1895-1985 
Jan-2015Le code civil ottoman et l’usurpation des biens waqfs : le cas de Jérusalem entre 1876-1914Sroor, Musa
1-Jan-2018Le contentieux franco-israélien à propos des biens waqfs maghrébins à Jérusalem 1948-1967Sroor, Musa
27-Oct-2017Le numérique comme outil d’enseignement collaboratif et constructeur de sens en traduction - expérimentation dans un contexte non-francophoneBAMIEH, Dima
1928Le spleen de ParisBaudelaire, Charles Pierre , 1821-1867
1-Jul-2007Le théâtre dans la société palestinienneEl Sakka, Abaher
2014Leadership Consciousness to CSR:: Royal Industrial Trading Co.Sultan, Suhail; Rjoob, Imad
2004Leadership styles in Palestinian large scale industrial companiesAs-Sadeq, Hasan Ahmad
2006Leadership styles in the Palestinian large-scale industrial enterprisesAs-Sadeq, Hasan A.; Khoury, Grace
2009Learning about motion in a multi-semiotic environmentAlshwaikh, Jehad; Morgan, Candia