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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An inverse problem In convex optimizationMasarwah, Noha
Jul-2015The inverse problem in convex optimization with linear constraintsAloqeili, Marwan
2013Investigating Birziet students' awareness of their knowledge and use of metacognitive reading strategiesJom'a, Fadwa Ibrahim
20-Dec-2019Investigating Cleaner Production Best Practices in Olive Oil Industry in PalestineAL-Othman, Nashaat Ziyad 
2013Investigating memetic algorithm in solving rough set attribute reductionMafarja, Majdi; Abdullah, Salwani
Jun-2011Investigating the accelerated deterioration of flexible pavement using two-stage design analysis approachAbaza, Khaled; Ashur, Suleiman
2016Investigating the geometry curriculum in Palestinian textbooks: Towards multimodal analysis of Arabic mathematics discourseAlshwaikh, Jehad
2014Investigation of Changes in Tetracycline Repressor Binding upon Mutations in the Tetracycline OperatorSayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah; Volzing, Katherine; Vivcharuk, Victor; Bolintineanu, Dans; Poonam, Srivastava
1986An Investigation of Intestinal Parasitic Infections and Hemoglobin Levels of Children in a Birzeit SchoolBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
Jan-2013Investigation of momentum and kinetic energy correction coefficients in asymmetric compound cross-section flumesKhatib, Issam
2018Investigation of the Chemical Content of Two Specific Streams in Municipal Waste: The Case of Hazardous Household Waste and Dental Waste.Kontogianni, Stamatia; Moussiopoulos, N.; Khatib, Issam
15-Jun-1988Investigations on nitrification of ammonia rich wastewater in activated sludge systemsAl-Sa'ed, Rashed
16-Jul-1987Investigations on Nitrification Process of Ammonium-Rich Wastewater in Single Stage Activated Sludge SystemsAl-Sa'ed, Rashed
1995Investing in Half the Population: World Bank and Economic Policy in Gender and Public PolicyKuttab, Eileen
2013Invisible people: women and girls with disabilities and access to rights organizations to in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Palestinian refugee camps in LebanonSayrafi, Imad
2010Involvement of vH(+)-ATPase in synaptic vesicle swellingShin, L.; Basi, N.; Jeremic, Aleksandar; Lee, J. S.; Cho, W. J.; Chen, ZhiHui; Abu Hamdah, Rania; Oupicky, David; Jena, Bhanu P.
2011IPv4/IPv6 handoff on lock-keeper for high flexibility and securityAlSa'deh, Ahmad; Cheng, Feng; Roschke, Sebastian; Meinel, Christoph
2013IPv6 stateless address autoconfiguration : balancing between security, privacy and usabilityAlSa'deh, Ahmad; Rafiee, Hosnieh; Meinel, Christoph
Nov-2006Iron(II) triggered conformational changes in Escherichia coli fur upon DNA binding: a study using molecular modelingHamed, Mazen; Al-jabour, Salih
2019Iron-sulfur clusters in nucleic acid metabolism : varying roles of ancient cofactorsKhodour, Yara ; Kaguni, Lauri S. ; Stiban, Johnny