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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Interaction between digestion conditions and sludge physical characteristics and behaviour for anaerobically digested primary sludgeMahmoud, Nidal; Zeeman, Grietje; Gijzen, Huub; Lettinga, Gatze
Jan-2010The interaction between high school curriculum and first year college courses: the case of computingYahya, Adnan
2006Interference resistant scalable video transmission over DS-CDMA channelsJubran, Mohammad
Jan-2011Intergenerational change and familial aggregation of body mass indexJohnson, P.C.D.; Logue, Jennifer; McConnachie, Alex; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen; Hart, C.; Upton, M.N.; Lean, M.E.J.; Sattar, N.; Watt, G.
May-2013Intermediate report on research setupAbu Helou, Mamoun; Jarrar, Mustafa; Palmonari, Matteo; Salhi, Ali; Hicks, Amanda; Bortoli, Stefano; Roche, Christophe; Fellbaum, Christiane; Bouquet, Paolo; Yahya, Adnan
Feb-1992Intermittency in the multifragmentation of hot nuclei?Giacaman, Henry
2005Internal Violence: The State’s Role and Society’s ResponsesShihade, Majid
Sep-2009International collaborations in cancer control and the Third International Cancer Control CongressMicheli, Andrea ; Sanz, Natalia ; Mwangi-Powell, Faith ; Coleman, Michel P. ; Neal, Claire ; Ullrich, Andreas ; Travado, Luzia ; Santini, Luiz Antonio ; Grassi, Luigi ; De Lorenzo, Francesco ; Costa, Alberto ; Dangou, Jean-Marie ; Bisanti, Luigi ; Costantini, Adele Seniori ; Abu-Rmeileh, Niveen ; Kamal, Mostafa ; Federico, Massimo ; Saracci, Rodolfo ; Rennert, Gad ; Stefanini, Angelo ; Cavalli, Franco ; Cazap, Eduardo ; Redmond, Kathy ; O’Reilly, Susan ; Muti, Paola ; Casali, Paolo ; Gatta, Gemma ; Ferrari, Andrea ; Koifman, Sergio ; Bah, Ebrima ; Pastore, Guido ; Barr, Ronald ; Lombardo, Claudio ; Frazzingaro, Cristina ; Ciampichini, Roberta ; Baili, Paolo ; ICCC-3 Session B group 
1948International governmentEagleton, Clyde, 1891-1958 
1948International lawFenwick, Charles G. (Charles Ghequiere), 1880-1973 
1927International lawBirkenhead, Frederick Edwin Smith, Earl of, 1872-1930 ; Hughes, Ronw Moelwyn, 1897-1955 
1920International law and the world warGarner, James Wilford, 1871-1938 
2008The international law foundations of Palestinian Nationality : a legal examination of Nationality in Palestine under Britain`s ruleQafisheh, Mutaz
24-Sep-2019International law within the Palestinian legal system : a call for granting human rights treaties a special constitutional statusAl-Hihi, Elias ; Khalil, Asem 
1898The International library of famous literatureDole, Nathan Haskell 1852-1935
1898The International library of famous literatureDole, Nathan Haskell, 1852-1935
1947International relations between the two world wars, 1919-1939Carr, Edward Hallett, 1892-1982 
2008International theories and changes in foreign policy : the case of US foreign policy : 1991-2003Odeh, Kamel
23-Apr-2015Internationalizing technical education the economic wayYahya, Adnan
2009Intervention study to reduce level of anemia among infants in the West Bank / oPtBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health