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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008International theories and changes in foreign policy : the case of US foreign policy : 1991-2003Baumgarten, Helga; Odeh, Kamel
2009Intervention study to reduce level of anemia among infants in the West Bank / oPtBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
1986Intestinal Parasitic Infections of Refugee Children in Selected West Bank LocalitiesBirzeit University. Institute of Community and Public Health
Sep-2014Intracellular crowding effects on the self-association of bacterial cell division protein FtsZNaddaf, Lamis; Sayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah
2001Intramolecular Acylation of Aryl- and Aroyl-Aliphatic Acids by the Action of Pyrophosphoryl Chloride and Phosphorus OxychlorideEl-Sayrafi, Sami; Rayyan, Saleh
2009Intrinsic vulnerability, hazard and risk mapping for karst aquifers: A case studyMimi, Ziad; Assi, Amjad
16-May-2016Introducing OA repository at Birzeit UniversutySayej, Diana
2005Introducing work life balance to the Palestinian private sector : the case of JawwalKhoury, Grace; Bayyouk, Muna M.
1985The introduction of a new household water storage system into a Palestinian village and its effect on the faecal pollution of stored waterSmith, Chris
2006Introduction the Palestinian criminal justice system : development, reform and challengesAbdelbaqi, Mustafa
1899An introduction to Greek sculptureUpcott, Lewis Edward
1874Introductory lectures on modern history, delivered in Lent term, MDCCCXLIIArnold, Thomas, 1795-1842
2015Inventory of the potential artificial recharge practice in the Eastern aquifer basin : the case of Al-Qilt catchment, PalestineSaeed, Dalal Thaher
2016An inverse problem In convex optimizationAloqeili, Marwan; Masarwah, Noha
Jul-2015The inverse problem in convex optimization with linear constraintsAloqeili, Marwan
2013Investigating Birziet students' awareness of their knowledge and use of metacognitive reading strategiesJom'a, Fadwa Ibrahim
2013Investigating memetic algorithm in solving rough set attribute reductionMafarja, Majdi; Abdullah, Salwani
Jun-2011Investigating the accelerated deterioration of flexible pavement using two-stage design analysis approachAbaza, Khaled; Ashur, Suleiman
2016Investigating the geometry curriculum in Palestinian textbooks: Towards multimodal analysis of Arabic mathematics discourseAlshwaikh, Jehad
2014Investigation of Changes in Tetracycline Repressor Binding upon Mutations in the Tetracycline OperatorSayyed-Ahmad, Abdallah; Volzing, Katherine; Vivcharuk, Victor; Bolintineanu, Dans; Poonam, Srivastava