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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Judicial review in PalestineWing, Adrien Katherine; Braunschweig, Sonya R.; Abdel-Fatah, Qais
2013July, 2013 / Najjad Zeenni Information Technology Center of Excellence : annual report 2012-2013Birzeit University. Najjad Zeenni Information Technology Center of Excellence
2012Juno : a middleware platform for supporting delivery-centric applicationsTyson, Gareth; Mauthe, Andreas; Kaune, Sebastian; Grace, Paul; Taweel, Adel; Plagemann, Thomas
4-Jan-2016Just add a verse from the Quran : effects of religious rhetoric in gain- and loss-framed anti-alcohol messages with a Palestinian sampleAbualrob, Mohammad; Alhabash, Saleem; Almutairi, Nasser
2014Just ahead of the crisis … policies designed to plunge the West Bank into debtRiyahi, Iyad
2011Khirbet Siya: A Byzantine Settlement in Ramallah Region – PalestineSalem, Hamed
2013Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of alcoholsLaila, Abdalhamid
1999Kinetics and mechanism of reactions of cis-(piperidine)(L)Mo(CO)4 complexes with phosphines and phosphites.Awad, Hani
1913Kompendium der Palastinischen altertumskundeThomsen, Peter, 1875-1954
1928The Koran (Qur'an)Edward Henry , Palmer 1840-1882
1903Kurzes Bibelworterbuch : unter mitarbeit von lic. Dr. G. Beer [et. al.]Guthe, Hermann, 1849-1936; Beer, George, 1865-
1982La communication politiqueHuet, Sophie; Langenieux-Villard, Philippe
2005La création d’un état Palestinien viable : quel intérêt pour Israël ?Khalil, Asem
Jul-2010La metamorphose des institutions de waqfs de saladina Jerusalem dans la periode ottomaneSroor, Musa
1-Nov-2017La propriété Immobilière des femmes musulmanes de Jérusalem ,1831-1841 : entre la reconnaissance et la spoliationSroor, Musa
2007La transformation des biens waqfs en propriété privée à Jérusalem (jérusalémite et étrangère), 1858-1917Sroor, Musa
Jan-2000De la transformation du statut de propriete des biens waqfs a jerusalemSroor, Musa
1997Labor and economy : gender segmentation in Palestinian economic lifeHammami, Rema
Jan-2009Labor market regulations and unemployment duration and in PalestineDaoud, Yousef; Sayre, Edward
2016Labor productivity in the Palestinian family businessesSabri, Nidal; Jaber, Rania; AL-Bitawi, Wafaa Yosef; Awwad, Jwana A.