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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Impacts of energy price changes on the financial viability of agricultural groundwater wells in Tulkarm district, PalestineAbu Madi, Maher
2013Impacts of supply duration on the design and performance of intermittent water distribution systems in the West BankAbu Madi, Maher; Trifunovic, Nemanja
13-Oct-2009Impacts of the Israel's water policy on Palestinian water sector : deny, degrade, delay and deductAl-Sa'ed, Rashed
2016Impacts of using treated wastewater on rainfed agriculture in the Jenin governorateAbu-Madi, Maher; Qaddoha, Ala’a Mostafa
1913The imperial Ottoman penal code : a translation from the Turkish text, with latest additions and amendments together with annotations and explanatory commentaries upon the text and containing an appendix dealing with the special amendments in force in Cyprus and the judicial decisions of the Cyprus courts-
2016Implementation of a multi-variable regression analysis in the assessment of the generation rate and composition of hospital solid waste for the design of a sustainable management system in developing countriesKhatib, Issam
2007Implementation of a new scheduling policy in web serversYahya, Adnan; AlSa'deh, Ahmad
4-May-2008Implementation of a new scheduling policy in web serversAl Sadeh, Ahmad; Yahya, Adnan
2014Implementing and testing d-q WPT-based digital protection for micro-grid systemsSaleh, S. A.; Ahshan, R.; Abu Khaizaran, Muhammad S.; Alsayid, B.; Rahman, M. A.
2013Implementing balanced scorecard as an evaluation tool in higher education institutionsOthman, Sajida M.
2014Implementing interoperable provenance in biomedical researchCurcin, Vasa; Miles, Simon; Miles, Simon; Danger, Richard; Chen, Y.; Bache, R.; Taweel, Adel
2014implications of the kerry framework: the Jordan Valley a commentaryAl-Botmeh, Samia
2003Implications of the US war on Iraq globally, regionally and locallyBirzeit University. Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies
2016The importance of fostering alignment to ensure sustainable nation buildingKhoury, Grace; McNally, Beverley
2016The importance of Fostering alignment to ensure sustainable nation building: The role of HRD in large PalestinianKhoury, Grace; McNally, Beverley
2006Impoverishment and patients' willingness and ability to pay for improving the quality of health care in Palestine : an assessment using the contingent valuation methodGiacaman, Rita; Mataria, Awad
2004“Imprints on the Consciousness: the Impact on Palestinian Civilians of the Israeli Army Invasion of the West Bank”Giacaman, Rita
2004Imprints on the consciousness: the impact on Palestinian civilians of the Israeli Army invasion of West Bank townsGiacaman, Rita
1999Imprisoned Information : the case of the Palestinian occupied territories during the Intifada and beyondSayej-Naser, Diana
2010Improved Language Recognition using Mixture Components StatisticsHanani, Abualsoud; Srouji, Fathi