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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Improving of the quality green bell peppers irrigated with saline water through the adoption of environment friendly techniquesHarb, Jamil; Zorba,Kamal Qasem
2010Improving the flow of information between universities, youth and labor market to enhance learning and development of the workforceMonaghan, Lisa
Jan-2016Impulses from the Arab Spring on the Palestinian State-Building ProcessKhalil, Asem
2003In memoriam professor Ibrahim Abu Lughod the new Palestine, the new EuropeBirzeit University. Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies
2009In search of health: quality of life among postpartum Palestinian womenHammoudeh, Weeam
Apr-2011In situ intestinal perfusion of irinotecan : application to p-gp mediated drug interaction and introduction of an improved HPLC assayRabba, Abdullah K.; Si, Luqin; Xue, Kewen; Li, Ming; Li, Gao
Apr-2015In support of contemporary identity: the modern Palestinian homeSayrafi, May
2003In the Public Interest: Public Revenues, Social Allocations and Social Needs in PalestineJohnson, Penny
Oct-2013In the shadows of contemporary Palestinian artAnani, Yazid
2015In vitro assessment of cytotoxic, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of leaves from two grape varieties collected from arid and temperate regions in PalestineAbed, Amanie H.; Harb, Jamil; Khasib, Said; Saad, Bashar
May-2015In-between forgotten spaces in Palestinian cities: the twin cities of Ramallah and Al- Bireh as a case studyNajjar, Lima; Ghadban, Shadi
2015In-service teacher training in PalestineEngelbrecht, Petra; Wilson, Viv; Bshara, Abdallah; Mahon, Tony
30-May-2004Incentive systems for the use of reclaimed wastewater in irrigated agriculture in Jordan and Tunisia.Abu-Madi, Maher; Braadbaart, Okke; Al-Sa'ed, Rashed; Alaerts, Guy
Jul-2014Incidence and causes of home accidents in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, PalestineKhatib, Issam
2007Incidencia de los malos tratos entre iguales en alumnos de Hebron (Palestina)"Deheidel, Amal
4-Mar-2001Incorporating bidirectional relevancy into model generation theorem proversYahya, Adnan
May-2014Incorporation of iron nanoparticles into clinoptilolite and its application for the removal of cationic and anionic dyesShahwan, Talal; Muath, Nairat
2001Indentation-induced interface delamination f a strong film on a ductile substrateAbdul-Baqi, Adnan; Van der Giessen, Erik
1987Indirect specrtophotmetric determination of sulfurdioxideLaila, Abdalhamid
2007Individual and collective exposure to political violence: Palestinian adolescents coping with conflictGiacaman, Rita