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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2008Analysis of the PNA Social BudgetSabri, Nidal
Jan-2010Assessing Mayors' and Council Members' Perceptions on Improving Community Involvement and Municipal Performance: The Case of Palestinian LocalSabri, Nidal
2005Auditor's role in financial statements fraud detection in the Palestinian business environmentSabri, Nidal; Shobaki, Imad A.
1992Budget analysis of the Palestinian familyJabr, Hisham; Sabri, Nidal
2010Financial Analysis of the Palestinian Local GovernmentsJaber, Rania; Sabri, Nidal
Nov-2006Globalization and Stock Market StabilitySabri, Nidal
2009Housing and Mortgage Loans in PalestineHantash, Ibrahim; Salah, Obaida; Sabri, Nidal
Jun-2008The Impact of Trading Volume on Stock Price Volatility in the Arab EconomySabri, Nidal
Mar-2008Inefficient Stock Market Generated by Adverse InformationSabri, Nidal
2016Labor productivity in the Palestinian family businessesSabri, Nidal; Jaber, Rania; AL-Bitawi, Wafaa Yosef; Awwad, Jwana A.
2010MSMEs in Palestine; challenges and potentialSabri, Nidal
Jan-2006Palestine Country Profile: The Road Ahead for Palestine: Financial Policies IssuesSabri, Nidal
2013Private partnership of solid waste management in the Palestinian municipalitiesJaber, Rania; Sabri, Nidal; Haniya, Deema
Jan-1995Public Finance in PalestineSabri, Nidal
2010Public Private Partnership in Palestinian Municipal Activities as Perceived by StakeholdersJaber, Rania; Sabri, Nidal
2010Role of Banking sector in the Arab economic developmentSabri, Nidal
Oct-2008Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in PalestineSabri, Nidal
Jan-2001Theoretical Framework of Financing Subsidized Housing in a Developing EnvironmentSabri, Nidal
Oct-2003Using Treasury 'Repurchase' Shares to Stabilize Stock MarketsSabri, Nidal