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Oct-2012Air pollution in PalestineKaraeen, Mohammad
2015Alternative diesel fuel : microemulsion phase behavior and combustion propertiesKaraeen, Mohammad; Kayali, Ibrahim; Olsson, Ulf
2016Corrigendum : phase behavior of bicontinuous and water/diesel fuel micro emulsions using nonionic surfactantsKaraeen, Mohammad; Kayali, Ibrahim; Qamhieh, Khawla; Olsson, Ulf
2011Effect of dissolved CO2 in diesel fuel on engine performance and emissionsKaraeen, Mohammad; Sher, Eran
2013Fuel quality implications on combustion engines in the West Bank area of PalestineKaraeen, Mohammad; El-Khateeb, Imad; Jaradat, Ahmad; Samara, Mohammed; Bannoura, Majdi
2004Non-sensitive to rotor and stator resistances system control of three phase induction machine applied to a electro-mechanicalGhanem, Wasel; Karaeen, Mohammad; Guzinski, J.
2015Phase behavior of bicontinuous and water/diesel fuel microemulsions using nonionic surfactants combined with hydrophilic alcohol ethoxylatesKaraeen, Mohammad; Kyali, Ibrahim; Qamhieh, Khawla; Wadaah, Salam; Ahmad, Wisam; Olsson, Ulf
2011Spray characteristics of diesel fuel containing dissolved CO2Karaeen, Mohammad; Sher, Eran