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2013Cellular and organismal toxicity of the anti-cancer small molecule, tolfenamic acid: a pre-clinical evaluation.Sankpal, Umesh T.; Lee, Chris M.; Connelly, Sarah F.; Kayaleh, Omer; Eslin, Don; Sutphin, Robert; Goodison, Steven; Adwan, Lina; Zawia, Nasser H.; Lichtenberger, Lenard M.; Basha, Riyaz
2009Lifespan profiles of Alzheimer's disease associated genes and products in monkeys and miceDosunmu, Remi; Wu, Jinfang; Adwan, Lina; Maloney, Bryan; McPherson, Christopher A.; Harry, G. Jean; Basha, Riyaz; Rice, Deborah C.; Zawia, Nasser H.; Lahiri, Debomoy K.
2015Tolfenamic acid reduces tau and CDK5 levels : implications for dementia and tauopathiesAdwan, Lina; Subaiea, Gehad M.; Basha, Riyaz; Nasser, Zawia H.