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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Culture and Tourism in Saudi ArabiaAl-Rimmawi, Hussein; Ibrahim, Abdul Munim
Apr-2013Effect of demographic factor on Palestinian -Israeli conflictAl-Rimmawi, Hussein; Zaidan, Esmat A.
Oct-2007Government's Role in Saudi Arabian Village Development: The Case of Al-YazeedAl-Rimmawi, Hussein; Surinder, Bhardwaj
Jan-2010Hydrochemical characteristics of rainwater in Ramallah DistrictGhanem, Marwan; Shalash, Ibrahim; Al-Rimmawi, Hussein
May-2012Middle East chronic water problems: solution prospectsAl-Rimmawi, Hussein
Apr-2003Palestinian tourism : a period of transitionAl-Rimmawi, Hussein
Feb-2010Rainfall trends in the district of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, PalestineAl-Rimmawi, Hussein; Ghanem, Marwan; Shalash, Ibrahim
2009Spatial changes in Palestine : from colonial project to an apartheid systemAl-Rimmawi, Hussein
Feb-2013Spatial Transformation of Jerusalem: 1967 to PresentThawaba, Salem; Al-Rimmawi, Hussein
Jan-2015Trends of tourism in Bethlehem, Palestine : 1994-2015Al-Rimmawi, Hussein