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2013Community engagement from the margin : zionism and the case of the Palestinian student movement in the Israeli UniversitiesMakkawi, Ibrahim
2014Community psychology enactments in Palestine: Roots and contemporary manifestationsMakkawi, Ibrahim
2015Critical psychology in the Arab world Insights from critical community psychology in the Palestinian colonial contextMakkawi, Ibrahim
2008Cultural hegemony, resistance and reconstruction of national identity among Palestinian students in IsraelMakkawi, Ibrahim
2005The dialectic of nationalism and feminism among Palestinian women student activists in Israeli universitiesMakkawi, Ibrahim; Jaramillo, Nathalia E.
2004National identity development among Palestinian student activists in the Israeli universities.Makkawi, Ibrahim
2012The psychology of resilience among Palestinian female studentsMakkawi, Ibrahim
2012Psychology of the oppressed : encounters with community psychology in PalestineMakkawi, Ibrahim
2012Rethinking community psychology : critical insightsCoimbra, Joaquim Luis; Duckett, Paul; Fryer, David; Makkawi, Ibrahim; Menezes, Isabel; Seedat, Mohamed; Walker, Carl
2017The rise and fall of academic community psychology in Palestine and the way forwardMakkawi, Ibrahim
2002Role conflict and the dilemma of Palestinian teachers in IsraelMakkawi, Ibrahim
2011Success against the odds: Palestinian female students outperform their male counterparts in academic achievementMakkawi, Ibrahim
2017teaching colonial history and national identity development among palestinian students in israelMakkawi, Ibrahim
2009Towards an emerging paradigm of critical community psychology in PalestineMakkawi, Ibrahim
2017Towards decolonizing community psychology : insights from the Palestinian colonial contextMakkawi, Ibrahim
2013Youth civic and political participation and citizenship education in the Mediterranean: Lessons from the Arab SpringMenezes, Isabel; Makkawi, Ibrahim