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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2017The Matrix: Rights, government and daily life in PalestineKhalil, Asem
2007Palestine : the legal dimension of migrationKhalil, Asem
2016The Palestinian Authority: Unsettling Status Quo ScenariosKhalil, Asem
2007Palestinian nationality and citizenship : current challenges and future perspectivesKhalil, Asem
2009Palestinian Refugees in Arab States: A Rights-Based ApproachKhalil, Asem
2014Palestinians to citizens : is citizenship a solution to the Palestinian refugee problem?Khalil, Asem
2011The ‘Protection Gap’ and the Palestinian Refugees of Gaza StripKhalil, Asem
2011Quel systeme politique pour la Palestine? lecons tirees de la crise politique de l'autorite Palestinienne et de l'impasse institutionnelle conformement a la loi fondamentaleKhalil, Asem
Oct-2007Refugees, Migrants and Law in PalestineKhalil, Asem
2006The Role of the Constitution in the Arab WorldKhalil, Asem
2011Socioeconomic Rights of Palestinian Refugees in Arab CountriesKhalil, Asem
May-2010Socioeconomic Rights of Refugees in Times of Crisis: The Case of Palestinians in Egypt, Jordan,Lebanon, and SyriaKhalil, Asem
2010Status of rights and freedoms in the Palestinian lawKhalil, Asem
Jan-2009The Vicious Cycle of Palestinian Workers in Israeli SettlementsKhalil, Asem
Nov-2009What Political System for Palestine? Lessons Learnt from the Political Crisis of, and the Institutional Deadlock in, the Palestinian Authority Form of Government According to the BKhalil, Asem