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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Search of islands of stability for hypothetical superheavy nuclei using covariant density functional theoryAbusara, Hazem; Shakeb, Ahmad
1-Dec-2017Shape evolution in Kr, Zr, and Sr isotopic chains in covariant density functional theoryAbusara, Hazem; Ahmad, Shakeb
8-Sep-2017Structure of krypton isotopes within the interacting boson model derived from the Gogny energy density functionalNomura, K; Rodríguez-Guzmán, R; Humadi, Y. M.; Robledo, L. M.; Abusara, Hazem
4-May-2017Triaxiality softness and shape coexistence in Mo and Ru isotopesAbusara, Hazem; Ahmad, Shakeb; Othman, Sameh
Oct-2018Triple-shape coexistence and superdeformation in Pb isotopesNaz, Tabassum; Ahmad, Shakeb; Abusara, Hazem