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May-2019Comparison between elastomeric passive isolators and LQR active control in stone cutting process : modelling and simulationAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; AlBalasie, Ahmad 
May-2019Comparison between Elastomeric Passive Isolators and LQR Active Control in stone cutting process: Modelling and SimulationAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; AlBalasie, Ahmad 
2020Date palm trees supply chain and sustainable modelAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; Hasan, Afif ; Assi, Muhammed 
May-2021Fault Detection of a Wind Turbine's Gearbox, based on Power Curve Modeling and an on-line Statistical Change Detection AlgorithmShaheen, Basheer ; Abu Hanieh, Ahmed ; Németh, István 
30-Aug-2021Fluid power controlAbu Hanieh, Ahmed 
1-Dec-2006Frequency variation for the purpose of vibration isolationAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; Preumont, Andre 
Nov-2021Greening Palestinian universities through sustainable engineering, renewable energy and solar energy fieldsAbu Hanieh, Ahmed 
Feb-2023Half-car model, finite element analysis and active control for vibrations of a truck concrete mixerAbu Hanieh, Ahmed 
Jan-2018Identification of dynamic parameters and friction coefficients of a robot with planar serial kinematic linkageAfrough, Mohsen ; Abu Hanieh, Ahmed 
Feb-2021Noise and vibrations reduction of stone cutting factoriesAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; AlBalasie, Ahmad 
2023A Proposed system for greening higher education institutions in PalestineAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; Hasan, Afif Akel 
Jan-2023Reducing airplane cabin and fuselage noise using active and passive control techniquesAbu Hanieh, Ahmed 
20-Oct-2022Sustainability Model from Cradle-to-Gate: Residential Buildings in PalestineAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; karaeen, mohammad ; Hasan, Afif Akel 
2013Sustainable development of stone and marble sector in PalestineHasan, Afif ; Abu Hanieh, Ahmed ; Abdelall, Sadiq 
Oct-2019Towards a sustainability model for olive sector in PalestineAbu Hanieh, Ahmed ; Karaeen, Mohammad ; Hasan, Afif 
10-Mar-2022Tuned mass damper to control hand-arm vibrations of hand-held toolsAbu Hanieh, Ahmed 
Mar-2008Vibration isolation of hand-held tools to prevent hand-arm vibration syndromeAbu Hanieh, Ahmed