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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2014Back-calculation of transition probabilities for Markovian-based pavement performance prediction modelsAbaza, Khaled A. 
2016Back-calculation of transition probabilities for Markovian-based pavement performance prediction modelsAbaza, Khaled A. 
Jun-2004Deterministic Performance Prediction Model for Rehabilitation and Management of Flexible PavementAbaza, Khaled A. 
2013Development of empirical regression-based models for predicting mean velocities in asymmetric compound channels.Khatib, Issam ; Abu Hassan, Hassan ; Abaza, Khaled A. 
Jan-2007Dynamic Probabilistic Approach for Long-Term Pavement Restoration Program with Added User CostAbaza, Khaled A. ; Murad, Maher 
Jun-2015Empirical approach for estimating the pavement transition probabilities used in nonhomogenous Markov chainsAbaza, Khaled A. 
2015An empirical discharge prediction model for smooth asymmetric compound rectangular channel validated using area methodKhatib, Issam ; Abaza, Khaled A. ; Khatib, Jumana I. 
2017Empirical Markovian based models for rehabilitated pavement performance used in a life cycle analysis approachAbaza, Khaled A. 
May-2016Empirical Markovian-based models for rehabilitated pavement performance used in a lifecycle analysis approachAbaza, Khaled A. 
3-Oct-2018Empirical-Markovian model for predicting the overlay design thickness for asphalt concrete pavementAbaza, Khaled A. 
Jun-2007Expected Performance of Pavement Repair Works in a Global Network Optimization ModelAbaza, Khaled A. 
Jan-2003Generalization of shear stress distribution in rectangular compound channelsKhatib, Issam ; Abaza, Khaled A. 
Jan-2003Guidelines for a Pavement Management System and Rehabilitation Plan for Village Access Roads in the West Bank, PalestineAbaza, Khaled A. 
Jan-2004Integrated Pavement Management System with a Markovian Prediction ModelAbaza, Khaled A. ; Khatib, Issam ; Ashur, Suleiman 
Jun-2011Investigating the accelerated deterioration of flexible pavement using two-stage design analysis approachAbaza, Khaled A. ; Ashur, Suleiman 
Mar-2006Iterative Linear Approach for Nonlinear Nonhomogenous Stochastic Pavement Management ModelsAbaza, Khaled A. 
2001Macroscopic optimum system for the management of pavement rehabilitationAbaza, Khaled A. ; Ashur, Suleiman ; Abu Eisheh, Sameer ; Rabayah, Amer 
2015Multi-variable regression models for prediction of discharge and approach velocity coefficients in flow measurement flumes with compound cross-sectionKhatib, Issam ; Abaza, Khaled A. 
2016Optimal Empirical-Markovian approach for assessment of potential pavement rehabilitation strategies at the project levelAbaza, Khaled A. 
Jan-1999Optimum decision policy for management of pavement maintenance and rehabilitationAbaza, Khaled A. ; Ashur, Suleiman