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2019Contour-based character segmentation for printed Arabic text with diacriticsMohammad, Khader ; Qaroush, Aziz ; Ayesh, Muna ; Washha, Mahdi ; Alsadeh, Ahmad ; Agaian, Sos 
2014Efficient spam filtering based on informative features extracted from the header fields and the urls in the messageQaroush, Aziz ; Washaha, Mahdi ; Khater, Ismail 
2022An efficient, font independent word and character segmentation algorithm for printed Arabic textQaroush, Aziz ; Jaber, Bassam ; Mohammad, Khader ; Washaha, Mahdi ; Maali, Eman ; Nayef, Nibal 
2020Extractive multi-document Arabic text summarization using evolutionary multi-objective optimization with K-medoid clusteringAlqaisi, Rana ; Ghanem, Wasel ; Qaroush, Aziz 
2017Identifying dialects with textual and acoustic cuesHanani, Abualsoud ; Qaroush, Aziz ; Taylor, Stephen 
2012Identifying spam e-mail based-on statistical header features and sender behaviorQaroush, Aziz ; Khater, Ismail M. ; Washaha, Mahdi 
2017Information Quality in Social Networks: A Collaborative Method for Detecting Spam Tweets in Trending TopicsWashha, Mahdi ; Qaroush, Aziz ; Mezghani, Manel ; Sedes, Florence 
2017Information Quality in Social Networks: Predicting Spammy Naming Patterns for Retrieving Twitter Spam AccountsWashha, Mahdi ; Qaroush, Aziz ; Mezghani, Manel ; Sedes, Florence 
2018An optimization based approach for solving spoken CALL shared taskAteeq, Mohammad ; Hanani, Abualsoud ; Qaroush, Aziz 
2017A Robust Line Segmentation Algorithm for Arabic Printed Text with DiacriticsAyesh, Muna ; Mohammad, Khader ; Qaroush, Aziz ; Agaian, Sos ; Washha, Mahdi 
10-Oct-2020Segmentation-based, omnifont printed Arabic character recognition without font identificationQaroush, Aziz ; Awad, Abdalkarim ; Modallal, Mohammad ; Ziq, Malik 
2017A Topic-Based Hidden Markov model for Real-Time spam tweets filteringWashha, Mahdi ; Qaroush, Aziz ; Mezghani, Manel ; Sedes, Florence