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2020Envisioning perennial agroecosystems in PalestineTesdella, Omar David Van Tassel ; Othman, Yusra ; Dowani, Yara ; Khraishi, Samir ; Deeik, Mary ; Fouad Muaddi ; Schlautman, Brandon ; Streit Krug, Aubrey ; Van Tassel, David 
11-Jun-2020New Food Crop Domestication in the Age of Gene Editing: Genetic, Agronomic and Cultural Change Remain Co-evolutionarily EntangledVan Tassel, David L ; Tesdell, Omar ; Schlautman, Brandon ; Rubin, Matthew J ; DeHaan, Lee R ; Crews, Timothy E ; Streit Krug, Aubrey 
18-Dec-2020A social perennial vision: Transdisciplinary inquiry for the future of diverse, perennial grain agricultureStreit Krug, Aubrey ; Tesdell, Omar